If You Are (or Were) a Parent Would You Hire a Manny?

Scott Cartmill of “Beverly Hills Nannies” Do You Personally Know Any Male Au Pairs or Nannies? When I saw the title of this article The First Manny is Admitted to a Top Nanny College in Englandfrom ABC News I thought, “It’s about time.” When I first started working as a nanny in the 1990s I […]

Casting Call Makes Nanny a Reality TV Star

Get to Know Amanda Averill of Beverly Hills Nannies By Whitney TangToday we start our new column Wednesdays With Whitney. Here is part of Whitney’s interview with nanny and reality television star Amanda Averil of Beverly Hills Nannies. To see Part 1 of the interview visit Whitney’s blog The Naptime Nook. How did you get involved with the television […]

Meet Shayla Quinn of "Beverly Hills Nannies"

Discover What Makes You Unique. What Can You Offer to a Family That Someone Else Couldn’t? How did you become a nanny? I grew up in Orange County and would babysit there when I was younger, but when I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my acting and music career I didn’t know any families […]

Nannies, Boyfriends and Girlfriends, and Maintaining Professional Boundaries

Is it Professional to Discuss Your Dating Life With Your Boss? When working as a live in nanny, the caregiver must respect house rules. Before accepting a job position the nanny and parents ought to discuss the rules of the home to determine if the job is a good fit. Some parents will enforce curfews […]

Is it Important for Nannies to Know How to Swim?

Have Parents Asked if You Can Swim in Nanny Job Interviews? On Beverly Hills Nannies tonight we saw how important it was for Justin to learn how to swim to work as a nanny. He aptly explains that to keep his job he must be able to fit in with the family. If the kids swim, […]

What I Learned Not to Do from Beverly Hills Nannies

Five Red Flags From Last Night’s Episode of “Beverly Hills Nannies” Although I have been a supporter of the new reality show Beverly Hills Nannies I finally agree with most in the nanny industry that the show isn’t helping the image of professional nannies for the general public. I think all the nannies casted on […]

Redefining Mannies: Shaun Sturz of "Beverly Hills Nannies"

One Part Caretaker, One Part Secret Service “Being a nanny enables us to chase our dreams while having a fulfilling job.” I was fortunate to interview Shaun Sturz, a nanny and a cast mate of the new reality series Beverly Hills Nannies (ABC Family Wednesday 9pm/8c). Here’s what I learned about the reality television star who […]

What You Can Learn from Lucy’s Nanny-Mama-Drama

You Are Not the Parent’s Friend Last night on Beverly Hills Nannies we saw a nanny Lucy start a new job with Tricia Fisher. Lucy has a lot of positive energy and is great with kids, when she actually attends to them. But last night we saw her spending the majority of her energy trying […]

More Reality in Episode Two of "Beverly Hills Nannies"

“Beverly Hills Nannies” partying on a work night Nannies, Do You Have a Back-Up Plan if You Can’t Make it to Work? Call me crazy I love watching “Beverly Hills Nannies.” Important topics of working with pretentious employers, if nannies should go out and drink on a work night, how to ask for a great hourly rate, […]

"Beverly Hills Nannies" is as Real as it Gets

Nannies Expose Taboo Topics  Like it or not, this is what nannies are talking about. The first episode of Beverly Hills Nannies on ABC Family discussed all the most difficult topics nannies privately gossip about but are too afraid to discuss publicly in the fear that they would lose their jobs if their employers heard […]