What I Learned Not to Do from Beverly Hills Nannies

Five Red Flags From Last Night’s Episode of “Beverly Hills Nannies”

Although I have been a supporter of the new reality show Beverly Hills Nannies I finally agree with most in the nanny industry that the show isn’t helping the image of professional nannies for the general public. I think all the nannies casted on the show are nice, good looking, and friendly people. But last night some of the nanny cast mates said and did things that weren’t what a professional nanny, or parent hiring a nanny, would want to see and hear.

1. Drinking Alcohol with Your Boss

There is a fine line between being friends with the parents and remaining professional. Of course after work when you aren’t solely responsible for the care of the children sharing a glass of wine with your boss might be acceptable. Justin is one of my favorite cast members on Beverly Hills Nannies and clearly is a great caregiver. But, I wonder when drinking wine with your employer is okay and not crossing professional boundaries.

2. Getting Makeover Instead of Education to Land a Job


While nannies should dress conservatively, be clean, and neat for a job interview getting hair extensions and eye lash extensions should have no bearing on if a nanny candidate gets the job or not. Lucy even recommended Amanda wear heels on her nanny job interview! What nanny wears heels when working with kids? Being CPR and First Aid certified and taking child development classes should be a nanny’s preparation for a nanny interview. When Lucy tries to help prepare Amanda for a nanny job interview she focused on how pretty Amanda is instead of helping her gain the skills that would make her a fantastic childcare provider. Click here to see our advice on how to dress on a nanny interview.

3. Calling the Kids Brats

Do I even need to explain why it was inappropriate for Shayla to call the kids “Beverly Hills Brats” during her first trial day working for Tricia Fischer?

4. Flirting With Your Boss and Sexual Harassment

I actually think Scott did a great job trying to remain professional while Cindy Margolis was flirting with him. But, again, there is a fine line between remaining professional and flirting or being friends. In interviews and even on the show Scott said that his Mom Bosses have never flirted with him. But, watching the show last night, Cindy was definitely flirting with Scott and I wonder if she will be able to treat the manny professionally and not flirt with him in the future? If the tables were turned and a father had been flirting with a female nanny it’s likely she would feel uncomfortable and no nanny should tolerate any sexual harassment.

5. The Client Comes First

Kristin simply confirms what all nannies complain about when working with nanny agencies when she said, “The client comes first.” Since the parents are paying the money making them happy is more important than considering the nannies wants and needs for a job.


  1. As a nanny with over 12 years of experience, this show is truly a mockery of what most of us have done to be amazing at our careers. I am disgusted and have the inclination that this show is scripted. I would be fired and rightfully so, if i were as incompetent as the nannies on this show. They are very superficial and money and status hungry. On the other hand, the typical hollywood families that would even consider being on this show probably need a nanny just as wacky and superficial as they are.

  2. I agree. The show is displaying just how staged it is, and it has become hugely unrealistic and a negative example of nannyhood. Kristin's behavior is disgusting. Judging a nanny in the first few hours of employment in such odd situations is ridiculous. My guess is that these are primarily actors seeking fame and media careers — all but the kids, and I feel sorry for them.

  3. While I think the show is a horrible example of what we do I do disagree with some of your comments.1. I wear heals to an interview. Granted I'm not slipping into stiletto's but on a first interview you are rarely meeting the children. Parents expect you to dress like anyone else going on a job interview.2. I think the client comes first mantra within the agencies is a huge problem. If you don't call nannies back, support them along the way, and think about their needs as much as the families you are going to end up with a portfolio of crappy nannies because all the good ones will have moved on and found jobs on their own. An agency is only as good as the nannies it has in it's roster.Kristen's problem is she is simply trying to land her friends jobs. She seems to know nothing about their abilities or credentials to be nannies.I do agree that they need fewer make-overs and more emphasis on their specific skill sets and education. That however, isn't as fun

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