Redefining Mannies: Shaun Sturz of "Beverly Hills Nannies"

One Part Caretaker, One Part Secret Service “Being a nanny enables us to chase our dreams while having a fulfilling job.” I was fortunate to interview Shaun Sturz, a nanny and a cast mate of the new reality series Beverly Hills Nannies (ABC Family Wednesday 9pm/8c). Here’s what I learned about the reality television star who […]

What People Don’t Get About My Job: The Male Nanny

“Please stop calling me a manny.” This article can be found on the Atlantic web site “I am a nanny. I care for a rambunctious one-year-old and occasionally his nine-year-old brother. I am not starting a daycare, I am not a babysitter, and I do not nanny to make extra cash. Nannying is what I […]

Would a Manny Be Better Paid Than the Typical Female Nanny?

Would having more men in the occupation make being a nanny a more prestigious and better paying occupation? In our discussions about domestic workers rights many nannies have commented on this blog that nannies and other domestic workers are among the poorest and most mistreated workers in the nation. Historically, there has been a pecking order of […]