Casting Call Makes Nanny a Reality TV Star

Get to Know Amanda Averill of Beverly Hills Nannies
By Whitney TangToday we start our new column Wednesdays With Whitney. Here is part of Whitney’s interview with nanny and reality television star Amanda Averil of Beverly Hills Nannies. To see Part 1 of the interview visit Whitney’s blog The Naptime Nook.

How did you get involved with the television show? Did that drive your decision to move to Los Angeles?

Well this was a long journey in itself. After I finished my BFA program for Musical Theater at the University of Miami in Florida, I moved to New York City for two-years to pursue my own “Broadway Dream.” While I was working in New York City I was offered a job in San Francisco, California so I moved there for a year. While I was living in San Francisco, a casting director I knew from New York city forwarded me a job opportunity for a new show about nannies in Beverly Hills. She knew I was a nanny and also a working actor and singer. The rest was history! I moved to Los Angeles two months later and began filming.

We saw a few weeks ago that you finally broke into the Beverly Hills nanny business. Do you have any advice for nannies who are looking to break into the business themselves?

[Get] lots of experience! As a nanny it’s best to be a “Jack or Jill of all trades.” Being able to do light housework, cooking for the kids, laundry, doggy care, bath time, sports, dancing, singing, etc. The more things you can fill a day with the more attractive you are as a nanny to the parent. However, get involved in your own neighborhood. Nannying is a word-of-mouth business. Help out during the summer with your local parks and kids’ centers. The more you are around children and their parents the greater chance you have of becoming a sought after nanny. Most importantly, be yourself, be lovable, and keep it professional.

How do you think the camera changes the interplay between you and the children? Do you the children act differently when the cameras are off? Do you ever feel pressured to do anything knowing that America is watching you?

For me, the cameras did not feel that strange. I have been acting in film for some time so I understood it was part of the job. Baby Xander however was such a little stud in front of the camera. It was hysterical, he loved the cameras. He couldn’t stop staring into them. As soon as the camera person would put it on the floor to change tapes, Xander would crawl as fast as he could to get to it. He wanted to eat it! There also was no pressure to do anything I didn’t want to on camera. I just wanted to be myself!

Click here to see Whitney’s entire interview on her blog The Naptime Nook.

Curious as to what Amanda misses most about Wisconsin? Want to know what job Amanda thinks would’ve prepared her the best for a career in nannying? Check back next Monday for Part 2 of this interview with one of Beverly Hill’s finest. And don’t forget to watch Amanda on Beverly Hills Nannies Tuesdays at 9/8 central on ABC Family.

The author of Wednesdays With Whitney is Whitney Ziebarth Tang graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with a degree in English. Before discovering her love of the literary arts, she was in their Premed program. Today, Whitney combines her analytical and creative side to develop engaging and educational activities to share with the toddler she works with. As the author of The Naptime Nook, Whitney also shares these activities with readers daily and is looking forward to exercising her creative muscles in the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter blog.


  1. Great interview!! I think along with Justin, Amanda is a great nanny. She has such a great loving personality.

  2. I completely agree. I love that we actually get to see her interact with Xander – I feel like it's just all about friend drama with most of the other nannies.

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