The 5 Best Thanksgiving Gifts to Give to Kids

Do You Share Thanksgiving with Your Employers?By Farrah, Nanny, Los Angeles, CA As a live-in nanny in Los Angeles, originally from Louisiana, I celebrate Thanksgiving with my employer’s family each year. The entire extended family comes for the big dinner in which my employers absolutely refuse to let me work. They don’t allow me to […]

Children’s Books in the Spirit of Thanksgiving

Weekly Trip to the Library In the spirit of Thanksgiving (coming up on Thursday) I borrowed some books from the library about thankfulness and the many blessings we have, rather than specifically about the holiday of Thanksgiving. I think these are great choices for children to share the spirit of Thanksgiving. Of course if you […]

Do You Support or Oppose the CA Domesitc Workers Bill of Rights?

APNA View of Proposed Laws for Household Workers Risk to safety, business climate & tax collection We have discussed the CA Domestic Workers Bill of Rights extensively on this blog. Some of the terms the bill had hoped to include (but some have been removed) are: the right to paid sick days and worker’s compensation if […]

10 Reasons Parents Choose Nannies Over Daycare

Why Does Your Boss Hire a Nanny Instead of a Daycare?By Full Time Nanny When parents are considering childcare options, daycare centers will generally be one of the possibilities on the list. There are several reasons why a family may choose a nanny to meet their childcare needs instead of a daycare center. Here are the 10 top […]

How Nannies and Au Pairs Can Cope with Back-Talk

What Are Your Tips For Working With Disrespectful Tweens? Yesterday we explained that eye-rolling, sarcastic, back-talking pre-teens don’t have the maturity to know when they’ve crossed the line. Their highly reactive amygdala (part of the brain) triggers the brains’ automatic fight-or-flight reflex. In other words, it’s inevitable that pre-teens will speak and behave inappropriately to see what […]

Do You Work with an Eye-Rolling, Sarcastic, Back-Talking Pre-Teen?

Middle Schoolers Don’t Have the Maturity to Know They Crossed the Line Photo: Stockxpert I’ve been pulling-my-hair-out with an eight-year-old charge that is suddenly giving me back-talk. His once respectful tone has been replaced with rude comebacks, eye-rolling, sarcasm, and bitter refusal to follow through with even the simplest of my requests. I’ve been wondering […]

Why No More Tears, Does Cause Tears

Why Has China Pulled Johnson & Johnson Off Their Shelves and America Has Not? Have you noticed that Johnson & Johnson products irritate the skin of the children in your care? China has pulled Johnson & Johnson products off their shelves, yet the United States has not. The reason is Johnson & Johnson products contain carcinogens. The carcinogens found in some of […]

Grandpa Read’s Quiet Time Tales

Product Review Sunday We have been discussing the importance of reading aloud to children. In fact, the Autumn issue of Be the Best Nanny Newsletter explains that even if you don’t like reading yourself, it’s still important to read aloud to children each and every day. To see the issue you can purchase it here. […]

One-Third of Girls and One in Six Boys Will Be Molested

My Body Belongs to Me by Jill Starishevsky Over the past week there has been tons of media coverage about sexual harassment and sexual assault. Plus, a new survey and a report shows half to 80% of middle school and high school students feel they have been sexually harassed. That’s why for this Weekly Trip to the Library […]

Are You Shocked By the Penn State Riots? Why Aren’t Students Rioting in Support of Boys That Were Abused?

How Nannies and Parents Should Talk to Kids About Sexual Harassment This week we have been discussing sexual harassment. Sadly, half to 80% of middle school and high school students say they have been sexually harassed. This is also a current topic for a presidential candidate. Plus, a sex scandal rocks Penn State as a former […]