10 Reasons Parents Choose Nannies Over Daycare

Why Does Your Boss Hire a Nanny Instead of a Daycare?
By Full Time Nanny

When parents are considering childcare options, daycare centers will generally be one of the possibilities on the list. There are several reasons why a family may choose a nanny to meet their childcare needs instead of a daycare center. Here are the 10 top reasons that parents give.

1. Work schedules – Finding a daycare center that has hours which fit variable work schedules for two spouses can be difficult to do. With a nanny, a schedule of hours can be determined ahead of time that will fully meet the parent’s needs.

2. Safety – Even though licensed daycare centers are limited in the number of children per worker that are allowed, some families still are uncomfortable leaving their children in the care of individuals that are caring for a large number of children at the same time.

3. Convenience – The fact that parents don’t have to take the children out of the house in the morning or pick them up again at the end of the day is a great convenience and time saver for the parents.

4. Exposure to illness – Daycare centers, like schools, are places where viruses and germs are often shared among the children, no matter how hard the daycare provider attempts to prevent these situations. Keeping the children in the home, limits their exposure to illness.

5. Personal attention – A nanny has no other children to attend to (in most cases) than your children. Parents can be assured that their children’s personal needs are not being overlooked.

6. Chauffeuring kids – Parents want their kids to have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities. A nanny can also serve as the kid’s chauffeur to these activities or to and from school, a service not available through most daycare centers.

7. Flexibility – When engaging a daycare, parents are told what the rules are and how the daycare handles situations. With a nanny, a family has more flexibility in coming up with an agreement that fits their specific needs.

8. Specialty needs – Children with special physical needs cannot always be accommodated at a traditional daycare center. A nanny working in the home will have everything she needs to care for the child, right in the home.

9. New infants – Most daycare centers do not accept newborn infants. For parents needing childcare help during the early weeks, a nanny can provide professional care for the infant and professional support to the parents.

10. Extra duties – Many nannies are contracted to perform some light household duties along with their childcare duties. This is not an option available when using a daycare center.

There are many advantages for a family that chooses a nanny to meet their childcare needs. The personalized service of in-home childcare can hardly be compared with the setting of a daycare which is providing services to many different families at the same time.


  1. It's the individualized care I provide. I am like a personal assitant, household manager, chef, tutor all wrapped into one person. The cleaning lady takes home more per hour than I do and I am beginning to resent it because I do so so so much more. I am not at all perfect but do more than they could expect of any one person ever. I'd say my flexibiilty is huge reason they need a nanny, even with a teen.

  2. It's about money. Why wouldn't every parent hire a nanny if they could afford it. Since most can't, most use daycares.

  3. Some complain that kids with nannies don't socialize as much as kids in daycare. I don't think that's true at all. We always are signed up for many activities and have made many friends that way. I do think even if parents hire a nanny the kids should attend preschool once old enough too. It's important to experience early on group setting, group rules, using a cubby, respecting other kids belongings and so on.

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