What Do You Love About Your Nanny Agency?

The Responsibilities of Nanny Referral AgenciesBy Annie Davis, Agency Owner, former President of APNAWhen discussing issues of privacy for nannies we must include privacy and confidentiality of nanny placement agencies. A diligent nanny employment agency will ask for sensitive private information from prospective nannies so that a thorough search of the candidates can be conducted. […]

Babysitter’s Arrest Highlights Background Check Confusion

“Nationwide” Computer Checks NOT What They Seem We have often discussed misleading advertisements by nanny and babysitter web sites that claim they pre-screen job candidates, when we all know it’s impossible for them to do so. The biggest danger of using job listing web sites is the lack of properly conducted screening and background checks of job applicants. What […]

Do You Support or Oppose the CA Domesitc Workers Bill of Rights?

APNA View of Proposed Laws for Household Workers Risk to safety, business climate & tax collection We have discussed the CA Domestic Workers Bill of Rights extensively on this blog. Some of the terms the bill had hoped to include (but some have been removed) are: the right to paid sick days and worker’s compensation if […]

The Value of a Nanny is Measured By Compensation and Necessary Benefits

Thoughts on Worker Rights Bills and Nannies The first step to increasing the prestige of the nanny profession is to raise the bar of the most basic needs and expectations. By Stephanie Felzenberg, Editor of Be the Best Nanny Newsletter Recently, Harold Camping, prophesied that the world would end on May 21, 2011. In Saudi […]