What Do You Love About Your Nanny Agency?

The Responsibilities of Nanny Referral Agencies
By Annie Davis, Agency Owner, former President of APNA

When discussing issues of privacy for nannies we must include privacy and confidentiality of nanny placement agencies.

A diligent nanny employment agency will ask for sensitive private information from prospective nannies so that a thorough search of the candidates can be conducted.

The research examines and verifies the information provided by the job seekers. This knowledge is then used by the agency to try to establish the best match between employees and employers.

Nanny candidates can expect that the agency will keep their job search information confidential and not reveal the name of the candidates to the nanny’s current employers.

Nannies also expect that the personal information given to the agency will not be sold to solicitors or to mailing lists.

Most nanny referral agencies make a concerted effort to protect the privacy of both the employers and the nannies.

It is prudent to question the agency you intend to use about the privacy policies in effect.

Annie Davis,
former President of the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies http://www.theapna.org/ created a checklist for Best Nanny Newsletter in April, 2008. Here is her agency confidentiality and ethics checklist:

Good Nanny Referral Agencies:
1. Do not talk a nanny into taking a position that just came up when the nanny is with another family and is happy in the job.
2. Do not give substandard service after the fee has been paid.
3. Do not over promise and under deliver.
4. Do not advertise as a family looking for nannies to get out of paying the advertising costs.
5. Do not gossip with nannies about clients or with clients about nannies.
6. Do not bad-mouth other agencies.
7. Do listen to any grievance, even if it is unwarranted, and then they try to make it right.

© 2009 Annie Davis, former President, Association of Premier Nanny AgenciesHave you ever had a privacy issue with a nanny placement agency?


  1. Its a very good nanny agency services.They place the good nanny.They are very helpful to parents.

  2. I don't think many agencies follow these standards making nannies go online. Agencies just can't compete with thousands of families and nannies posting online.

  3. I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!

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