Summer 2021 Nanny Mag Advice Column

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Should Parents Ask Nannies to Take Drug Tests?

Professional Boundaries for Nannies and Parents I admit that I’ve been on the fence on the topic of drug testing for nannies. But last week I came in contact with a woman that works as a nanny that has trouble controlling her emotions and showed inappropriate anger yelling at another woman at the local library. […]

How Nannies Can Screen Families

Nannies Should Know as Much Info as Possible About a Family Before Accepting a PositionBy Debbie Denard There’s been much talk about how parents can screen the nannies they are considering hiring to care for their children, but when it comes to the nannies screening the parents whom they are considering working for, we mostly hear […]

Ways to Ensure Your Nanny is a Safe Fit for Your Family

It’s unlikely that you’ll hire the very first nanny you come across without doing some sort of background research first. After all, you want to make sure that your nanny is someone that you feel comfortable bringing into your home and leaving alone with your kids all day. To help quell any uneasiness you may […]

Should Parents Run Credit Checks on Nanny Candidates?

Should a Nanny’s Credit Card Debt or a Few Late Payments Matter During the Interview Process? Many nannies have contacted Be the Best Nanny Newsletter asking why some parents ask to run credit checks before hiring a nanny. Some nanny placement agencies ask for credit checks simply as a way to find former addresses and jobs the […]

Babysitter’s Arrest Highlights Background Check Confusion

“Nationwide” Computer Checks NOT What They Seem We have often discussed misleading advertisements by nanny and babysitter web sites that claim they pre-screen job candidates, when we all know it’s impossible for them to do so. The biggest danger of using job listing web sites is the lack of properly conducted screening and background checks of job applicants. What […]

Should Nannies Insist on Use of Nanny Cams to Protect Themselves?

Nanny Charged After Found Hitting and Kicking Infant on Nanny Cam We have often spoken about proper screening of nanny candidates and performing proper background check on domestic workers before hiring them. We even published a series about misleading advertising on some nanny web sites claiming they pre-screen their caregivers.  Of course, those familiar with […]

Setting the Record Straight About Pre-Screening

For the past week we have been discussing misleading advertising by some nanny web sites claiming that they pre-screen caregivers posted on their web sites. Three more nanny web sites have answered our questions about “pre-screening” which we share with you below. Shannon Pitts, CEO of InteliMark Enterprises explains, “ does pre-screen every candidate and […]

Checking the Background of Parents and Nannies

For the past week we have been discussing that parents must screen caregivers themselves when using nanny web sites to hire in-home childcare providers. Nannies should check the backgrounds of the parents before accepting a new job as well. When you apply for a nanny position, you should expect a background check will be conducted […]

Au Pair Agencies Do Pre-Screen

Last week we discussed misleading advertisements made by some nanny web sites claiming to “pre-screen” caregivers on their web sites. To see the article posted on Wednesday click here, to view Part II of the article posted onThursday click here, and to read our post on Friday click here. Unlike nanny web sites, au pair […]