Should Nannies Insist On Use of Nanny Cams to Protect Themselves?

Nanny Arrested Abusing Infant on Nanny Cams Yesterday we learned of another nanny had been arrested after slapping and shaking an infant was caught on video in Staten Island. Nannies and au pairs don’t want to be video taped while working and many in-home caregivers are insulted if parents install nanny cams. But video surveillance is […]

Should Nannies Insist on Use of Nanny Cams to Protect Themselves?

Nanny Charged After Found Hitting and Kicking Infant on Nanny Cam We have often spoken about proper screening of nanny candidates and performing proper background check on domestic workers before hiring them. We even published a series about misleading advertising on some nanny web sites claiming they pre-screen their caregivers.  Of course, those familiar with […]

CBS 2 Goes High-Tech: Who’s Watching The Kids?

In Today’s Day And Age It’s Hard To Trust Anyone, But If You Have To, Installing Surveillance Cams AdvisableBy Kirstin Cole NEW YORK (CBS) ― With both parents needing to go to work to make ends meet these days it can be nerve-racking to leave a child home with a nanny. But now it’s […]

Au Pair and Nanny Privacy and Confidentiality Survey

Monthly Poll ResultsIn April, 2008, 596 people that took the Best Nanny Newsletter monthly poll at Five hundred and seven of the survey participants were nannies or au pairs, 38 were parents, and 37 were nanny agency staff or owners. Below is just a small portion of the survey that applies to the discussion […]

Tracking Nannies

More Than Nanny Cams Yesterday we discussed building trust between nannies and parents by conducting thorough interviews, background checks, and by using nanny cams. We should mention there are other technologies parents use to track nannies. Parents may use global positioning systems (GPS) in the cars used by nannies to transport children. Employer supplied […]

Nanny Cams

How to Build Trust Between Parents and Nannies. This week we will discuss issues of privacy for nannies. We will start by discussing nanny cams. It is estimated that more than one million cases of child abuse occur in the United States annually. A very small percentage of these cases involve nannies. In 2001, the […]