Why Can’t I Record the Nanny’s Conversation?

Covert Audio Laws Explained by Brickhouse Security Many parents turn to nanny cameras in order to put their minds at ease. But as audio and video recorders such as nanny cameras become more advanced, less expensive, and more prevalent, people are starting to question what is and what isn’t legal when it comes to recording. […]

CBS 2 Goes High-Tech: Who’s Watching The Kids?

In Today’s Day And Age It’s Hard To Trust Anyone, But If You Have To, Installing Surveillance Cams AdvisableBy Kirstin Cole http://wcbstv.com/seenat11/nanny.cams.surveillance.2.972770.html NEW YORK (CBS) ― With both parents needing to go to work to make ends meet these days it can be nerve-racking to leave a child home with a nanny. But now it’s […]

Tracking Nannies

More Than Nanny Cams Yesterday we discussed building trust between nannies and parents by conducting thorough interviews, background checks, and by using nanny cams. http://bestnannynewsletter.blogspot.com/2009/01/nanny-cams.html We should mention there are other technologies parents use to track nannies. Parents may use global positioning systems (GPS) in the cars used by nannies to transport children. Employer supplied […]