Tracking Nannies

More Than Nanny Cams

Yesterday we discussed building trust between nannies and parents by conducting thorough interviews, background checks, and by using nanny cams.

We should mention there are other technologies parents use to track nannies.

Parents may use global positioning systems (GPS) in the cars used by nannies to transport children. Employer supplied cell phones may also be used to locate the nannies. Using GPS systems to monitor where nannies and children go is legal.

Parents may also require nannies to be photographed and fingerprinted. A few may even ask nanny candidates to be screened for drugs.

The development of new technologies is something that nannies must accept.

Have you ever been asked to be fingerprinted, drug tested, or tracked by a GPS system?


  1. OMG you are kidding! Right? So they want to see we went to the library, park, pool, friends houses too?? No way I could work for such paranoid parents!!!

  2. What ever happened to being innocent before proven guilty? I suppose using these technologies w=might helpful IF something were to happen. But seldom does. I think nannies tend to be more careful than parents most of the time!Julie C. Nanny from Miami Florida

  3. Never. No family has ever fingerprinted me or asked for a drug test. I don’t think they track me with GPS, but who knows?! Does anyone trust anyone else anymore? I always thought hiring a nanny agency and paying for criminal screenings was enough! I kind of understand using that technology but boy who has the time? You want to see that I went to the grocery store? Boring!Who has the time?!! Call my references, pay for background checks, whatever, I would not be a nanny if I didn’t want to take care of your kids!

  4. I make a point of telling each family that I interview with that I am open to the use of nannycams or whatever type of technology that they would like to use to ensure that their children are receiving excellent care. I do apologize in advance for my bad dancing, way overly dramatic storytelling and general silliness that they will be sure to see if they choose to use a nannycam. 😀 I have never had a family request to use any type of technology to check up on me.

  5. I hope my employers don’t have nanny cams. It is embarrassing. I really don’t like the idea but do understand the need to use them.I know a nanny that accepted a job in Chicago for a family that had previously had an abusive nanny!!! I think the child had been spanked or something of that nature. My friend didn’t like that there were nanny cams when she accepted the position. She said she really hated that the parents could see if she has a midnight snack and those type of things. But, I kept telling her after hearing that story I would understand the parents NEEDING to use any technology available to track their caregiver. After having a nanny that hit I’d use nanny cams too.I have a mom friend who hired a nanny who had been an alcoholic. She did everything right. She hired an agency, paid for the background checks, called each and every reference and spoke to them personally and STILL never knew this nanny had been drunk on the job until she came home sick from work one day. The lady was sloshed. Finished a bottle of vodka and an open beer was on the kitchen table. Stories like these are the only reason I think nanny cams and GPS is fine to use.Nanny in NJ

  6. I hope i’ve never been tracked or filmed. If I stumble upon nanny cams, find out the parents are checking the GPS I’ll just start looking elsewhere for a different job. Parents can choose to stay home too then they won’t have to worry.

  7. I’m scared now. I hope the parents aren’t filming or tracking me. I will go online tonight and search to see what the cams look like. If they have a web cam on top of computer does that mean they can monitor me in that room from work?Just wondering. Nanny of 15 years.

  8. Usually webcams have a little light that tells you if it is active, although I’m sure many nanny/security cams are probably designed to look like webcams and operate without the computer. If its really just a webcam though, you’d know if it was on, most likely.

  9. I just had to comment on this. A little late I know. But I have worked for a family with Nanny cams and let me tell you I do nothing wrong. I do not beat the kids, neglect them in anyway and yet I was fired for “going through their personal papers” that were on the counter. Now my side of the story was that the family requsted I continue with the “baby log” they started. So I read previous entries to see how much detail I should get into. That was my crime. So please parents, sometimes Nanny cams pick up “naughty” things, but in the end it may just be innocent! When I heard of them having nanny cams, the first thought was “OMG! I hope there isn’t one in the bathrooms!” I ask every family upfront if there are cams. I have NOTHING to hide!

  10. Even though I am a nanny I think that using a GPS may sound ridiculous but in this day and age parent might as well do whatever they can to protect their kids.

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