Working as an Au Pair Abroad

For the Cultural Experience, Not the Money Yesterday an American nanny asked for information for becoming an au pair in Europe. Au pairs are young adults who want to travel, learn a new language, experience a different culture, and share their own language and culture with a host family from another country. In exchange for room and board […]

How to Become an Au Pair for an American Family

New Article for Au Pairs on eHow.comBy tesora Below is part of a new article found on To see the entire article click here. Step 1Study English. If you will be living with a family in the United States you will need to be able to understand and speak basic English. Most American families […]

Au Pair Agencies Do Pre-Screen

Last week we discussed misleading advertisements made by some nanny web sites claiming to “pre-screen” caregivers on their web sites. To see the article posted on Wednesday click here, to view Part II of the article posted onThursday click here, and to read our post on Friday click here. Unlike nanny web sites, au pair […]