Do You Care for a Teen? Using Justin Bieber as a Teachable Moment

Parent-Teen Driving Contract Kids are Less Likely to Drink if They Believe Their Parents and Communities disapprove of Underage Drinking I prefer to stay at my nanny jobs long-term and have cared for teens in the past and my oldest charge is currently a teenager. One of the biggest challenges caring for teens is worrying […]

How Nannies and Au Pairs Can Cope with Back-Talk

What Are Your Tips For Working With Disrespectful Tweens? Yesterday we explained that eye-rolling, sarcastic, back-talking pre-teens don’t have the maturity to know when they’ve crossed the line. Their highly reactive amygdala (part of the brain) triggers the brains’ automatic fight-or-flight reflex. In other words, it’s inevitable that pre-teens will speak and behave inappropriately to see what […]

Do You Work with an Eye-Rolling, Sarcastic, Back-Talking Pre-Teen?

Middle Schoolers Don’t Have the Maturity to Know They Crossed the Line Photo: Stockxpert I’ve been pulling-my-hair-out with an eight-year-old charge that is suddenly giving me back-talk. His once respectful tone has been replaced with rude comebacks, eye-rolling, sarcasm, and bitter refusal to follow through with even the simplest of my requests. I’ve been wondering […]

Au Pairs and Nannies Working with Teens

10 Great Volunteer Ideas for Teens Andrea Persons is a full-time nanny working in Miami, Florida. Ms. Persons works for a blended family with two teen-aged siblings and two toddler siblings. She asked Be the Best Nanny Newsletter for advice. Question: “The twin teenagers I care for are now over 16-years-old and need some structure […]