The 5 Best Thanksgiving Gifts to Give to Kids

Do You Share Thanksgiving with Your Employers?
By Farrah, Nanny, Los Angeles, CA

As a live-in nanny in Los Angeles, originally from Louisiana, I celebrate Thanksgiving with my employer’s family each year. The entire extended family comes for the big dinner in which my employers absolutely refuse to let me work. They don’t allow me to help in the kitchen or dining room with cooking, setting-up, or clean-up. So, to share my gratitude for sharing their family holiday with me I have a traditions of buying a gift to share with the kids. The games are the best gifts since both the parents and children can play these games around the Thanksgiving table year after year.

Here are the five best Thanksgiving gifts I have given to my charges and their family over the years:

The Thanksgiving Game
For players ages seven to adult. Three or more players sit around the table, between dinner and dessert. The game gives everyone an opportunity to express their gratitude to God and to each other. When friends and family gather to show their love and appreciation, everyone is a winner! However, we suggest that a prize be offered to the official winner, such as candy, a plant, or a new Christmas decoration. If you don’t have a prize, you can offer something else, like the largest piece of pumpkin pie! Or add your own family tradition. The Thanksgiving Game is great for any time of the year, that will bring you years of enjoyment and meaningful memories with family and friends.

Thanksgiving Box of Questions
Thanksgiving will be even more festive with clever, engaging and entertaining Conversation Starter question cards. A Box of Questions also makes a special holiday hostess gift that doubles as a centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table. Bond with family and friends and involve everyone in your new tradition. The decorative gift boxes filled with 82 glossy cards printed with Thanksgiving themed Box Girl question cards. The Box Girls started in 2002 when BFF moms Cece Feiler and Heidi Hadda were at a restaurant with their hungry husbands and six kids and the service was slow. To avoid a mealtime meltdown, the two moms started asking questions to engage their kids and what was potentially a disastrous night turned into a magical night of bonding and sharing. That night the first game in the successful Box of Questions original series was launched. Hundreds of thousands of boxes in this successful series have been enjoyed by families and friends across the globe. These clever, age-appropriate, party, and holiday themed question-games instantly unite any group while re-establishing the art of storytelling. Since the first game was sold, The Box Girls has donated a percentage of their profits to charitable organizations.

Little People Thanksgiving Celebration
A pair of playful pilgrims and two trusty Indian friends gather ’round the table to give thanks together for a fantastic fall feast! Thirteen-piece set includes four Little People figures, table and two benches, turkey platter, horse and detachable cart, pumpkin, and two connectible harvest fence pieces. Great for children one-year-old and up.

LEGO Seasonal Exclusive Mini Figure Turkey
This turkey Leto has 53 pieces and flapping movable wings. The LEGO Thanksgiving Turkey is the perfect addition to your collection of holiday figures! Makes a great holiday gift and a fun party favor. This is a choking hazard for children under three-years-old.

Thanksgiving Paper Dolls Set
This 18 piece thanksgiving set includes eight Adorable Kinders Paper Dolls (four boys and four girls), two pilgrim boy outfits, two pilgrim girl outfits, two Indian boy outfits, two Indian girl outfits, one re-stickable glue stick and one blunt tip scissors. The paper dolls are made of a durable UV coated card stock and come with a foot stand. They are perforated for easy removal and assembly. The accessories outfits require scissors cutting and may be attached to the dolls using the re-stickable glue for reuse as in dress-up play, or using permanent glue for single use such as scrap booking, greeting cards, and other arts and crafts projects. The paper dolls and their outfits are made in USA.

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