Review of America’s Supernanny

Did You Watch America’s Supernanny?

Unlike many nannies on Facebook nanny groups and Yahoo nanny groups who said they would not watch America’s Supernanny because the new host Deborah Tillman is a daycare owner and mother, rather than having experience as working as a nanny, I watched the show.

In this first episode of America’s Supernanny I felt it was simply a carbon copy of the original Supernanny with Jo Frost. It followed the exact same format and the “nanny” spent most of her energy time dealing with the parents rather than the out-of-control kids.

The new show lacked as many creative teaching techniques as found in the original Supernanny with Jo Frost. I did feel like it was more scripted. In this first show I didn’t feel a connection to Deborah Tillman like I used to feel with Jo Frost. Plus, I feel as if the new host wasn’t as emotionally involved with the family as her predecessor. But, this was just the first show highlighting the new host’s basic techniques, so I look forward to seeing if she uses more techniques in the shows to follow.

The problems the “nanny” tackled this week were kids that hit, experienced terrible separation anxiety, and an oldest daughter who had low self-esteem (I wasn’t actually convinced she had low self-esteem but that Miss Deborah forced those answers from the child).

A common discipline technique used in the daycare centers is a Calm Down Corner when the kids misbehave. Miss Deborah showed the parents how to use a Calm Down Corner when their children misbehaved. When they were calm for three-minutes the parents explain why the child was put in the Calm Down Corner, then the child could apologize and play again. We never actually saw if the parents could use it successfully on their own, but the father worked up a sweat getting the son to sit in the Calm Down Corner (after more than 100 escaped from the corner by the child).

Again a common problem for children in daycare centers is separation anxiety. With a simple hug and a kiss, the distraction of a fun activity, and a quick exist by the parents her strategy of kicking separation anxiety worked.

The host and mother stuck post it notes with positive messages in the oldest daughters bedroom to help her feel better about herself.

Here are America’s Supernanny, Deborah Tillman’s Rules and Techniques:

America’s Supernanny Discipline Rules

• Praise and encourage positive behavior
• Set clear guidelines and expectations
• Implement consistent consequences for choosing negative behavior
• Ask yourself “What lesson am I trying to teach my child?”

America’s Supernanny Discipline Techniques

Calm Down Corner: Her fundamental discipline technique is intended for children between two- and eight-years-old. It’s a way to train and teach your child that there are consequences when a house rule is broken.

Lose What You Like: This is her fundamental discipline technique that works for children over eight-years-old. It teaches children that you will lose something that YOU value when a house rule is broken.

America’s Supernanny Parenting Rules

• Provide routine and structure for children
• Model the behavior you want
• Cling to consistency
• Follow through
• Be responsible and accountable

What did you think of America’s Supernanny? Did you like the show?


  1. I didn't watch it because they should have hired a nanny. It doesn't help our image as nannies to call a daycare owner a nanny. From your review it sounds like it wasn't as good anyway.

  2. It wasn't as good as the first one because of her attitude. She kind of yells at them. She's acting. She's too ghetto.

  3. Review is right on. Only I think you are being a little nice. Her tone isn't nice at all. She can not replace jo frost at all! She was warm + wondeeful. I think Deborah had a nasty tone. I think she baited the older daughter so she could pretend she had low selfesteem. The older daughter said she thought she was pretty. Post it notes isn't nearly enough to help a kis w/ self esteem issues. The first show isn't nearly trhe great show supernanny used to be.

  4. I boycotted watching the show because like most nannies I loved Jo and I'm mad they hired a daycare owner instead of a nanny to host the show. Reading her discipline tehcniques and rules here I admit they sound sensible. But she's using techniques used from a daycare center that are helpful for parents and nannies, but how can she really know what it's like to work as a nanny, since she's never done it?It's a parenting show on how to parent and nothing to really do with nannies.

  5. Her attitude was tough and rough. She had a snippy attitude. I didn't like her personality at all. I won't be watching it again and I don't think it will catch on because she's not warm and lovely and caring like Jo Frost was. Most people can't relate to this new aggressive host.

  6. ??? Calm Down Corner, seriously this is something new??? Gee if the parents who were parents when I was young saw these tips, they would probably have considered this whole show a waste of time.I am in mid 40s, I got put on a chair in a corner. My parents had this concept called "grounded" it could mean no TV, no phone, no friends over, no stereo, etc. And I know my friends parents were doing this too.Yes it's one thing to post it notes, and self esteem posters on a wall. But even my mother could get that praise and spending time with your kids mattered most. When it comes to issues in my job, I would never be "dramatic" like this. Nor would a childcare worker. We would lose our jobs or not have students in programs. You work as a team. Yes, sometimes nannies may need to help parents find solutions or make suggestions. But you treat people as you want to be treated. Hello, would this Super Nanny really want to be spoken to this way when she didn't get something.She makes comments how she is going to sweep in like some Mary Poppins. Well know Mary Poppins did have more crazy. She said she never saw the other shows, hello what is the difference between the roles other than the lacking of the British accent.I see comments on discussion boards who feel like their nannies have attitudes, or I see some moms who seem insecure about what they know compared to their caregivers.If we have trained or gotten education in child development, and have experience on our side we can't change that.But we can be assurance if we behave diplomatically. I had a DB once tell me a few years ago tell me I take my cues from you, if you seem calm and unphased by something the kids are doing that tells me to relax.To me that is what being an American Super Nanny is genuinely about. This show aint it.

  7. sorry didn't proof before I posted, sorry for spelling, typos, etc.I read somewhere she DIDN'T want to be seen as some Mary Poppins. That says right there she doesn't identify with nannies. Making her calling herself one a crock.

  8. I am not feeling this new show at all. I agree with everyone else she seemed scripted and text book. Nothing about her seemed warm and inviting. She gives the real meaning to Parent Coach at its worse. Nanny she isn't JoJo came ready to work and play and interact. This women was in heels and knee length dress, I know many Nannies have nannied in dresses, but I just didnt feel she was ready to play and get down and dirty. She was very stand off and I really couldnt take her serious, I think the show is doing a disservice to the Nanny Industry and they should label it SuperParent Coach bc Nanny she isn't. Why the Michelle Obama look, where is her own idenitity, and why hasnt she addressed her Nanny Peers, with their anger in regards to her taking on this role as SuperNanny, I tell you why bc she can't relate to us and she is winging it.

  9. I feel like it's just a tv show! I don't care that she's not a nanny at all because it's an entertainment program. People know it's a tv show not a typical nanny. But, since it's on lifetime, it's going nowhere. Who watches Lifetime regularly? I watch the housewives and their influence is much, much worse. Since the show isn't good anyway it won't have a second season. No one would even watch it very long on CBS.

  10. Lisa, the calm down corner is exactly like a typical time out. Call it a naughty spot (like Jo Frost) or what I have done at all of my nanny jobs it's all the same thing. I actually think her advice is great! It's her style / tone like a tough lady that I don't like. But on paper, her advice is good.

  11. If they wanted to hire an actress, then why did they waste the time of all the actual nannies who spent hours prepping for and auditioning for the role of Supernanny?If they wanted to hire an actress, why did they hire a daycare owner with a business degree who failed to find decent childcare for her own baby 7 times?I don't think anyone is arguing that the show is not scripted – the issue many people have (IMO) is the misrepresentation of the nanny profession in the media.

  12. The show is so wrong in every sense. First the attitude of Deborah is horrible. Then it's her choice of outfit…is the stylist the same as who did the clothing for "Leave it to Beaver"?- very 50's style.She suggests NO new techiques.What really irked me -was that she was trying to hype the oldest child to wear make up. Such a wrong message.The entire show is just ALL wrong.Bring back Nanny 911!

  13. I will watch America's Supernanny when it actually features a nanny. I did see a clip of the dad who worked up a sweat trying to keep his son in the time out corner.One of the things a good nanny knows is that not every kind of discipline works for every child.About the 25th time that child got out of the corner, I would have said to myself "Ok you might have won the battle but you didn't win the war" and then I would have tried a different approach.

  14. I have a lot of respect for Jo and was skeptical about a new "SuperNanny." It turns out my instinct was correct.Ms. Tillman made exaggerated displays of disapproval with the parents – "What was that?!?" Rolling her eyes. "Why did you do that?" – that were completely unnecessary and borderline unprofessional. She also "diagnosed" a 9 year old girl as having low self esteem merely because the parents were busy with the siblings and because the girl rated herself a 5 out of 10 on the beauty scale. Ms. Tillman was out of line even asking the child such a question. It seems Ms. Tillman equates looks with self-esteem. The issue of low self esteem is quite a bit more complicated than that. And Ms. Tillman's advice to act more animated when promoting the cupcake activity was just silly. Really? This is Jo's replacement? I think not.

  15. No one is replacing jo that is why it is called americas supernanny I have to be honest the second episode was a lot better than the first just my OPINION

  16. I think she's great and her techniques really work. I now inforce her rules with my 4 year old and I see a major improvement in her behavior. I used to give her warnings, but never really acted on them because I was too busy with whatever I was doing. But now if she acts out, I immediately take action. Now she knows I mean business.

  17. I like the show! My God, can what is america's nanny doing that is so wrong!?! Ok, she is a daycare owner and mother, wow, can't get more real than that! And um, most people here in america put their children in daycares anyway and I would think that you would want someone that has strong discipline skills as well as techniques that can help your children grow in a well rounded way. I mean, Jo was good and did a great job and Deborah is doing an equally great job! Ok, she is a little more real when it comes to techniques that involve disciplining a child that is throwing a temper tantrum. She is coming from real life instead of a training a training class that taught her how to be a mommy. If you don't like it change the channel, but it seems that you a lot of you are watching because y'all sure do have a lot to say about the show!

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