America’s Supernanny PremiersTonight

Will You Be Watching America’s Supernanny?

America’s Supernanny premiers tonight on Lifetime at 9pm, pm Central. There has been venom on private nanny groups on Facebook and nanny Yahoo Groups about the fact that Deborah Tillman, who has been casted as “America’s Supernanny” has no nanny experience.

In fact, original “Supernanny” Jo Frost has publicly shared her disappointment in the show’s choice of main character as well. Ms. Frost told the Daily Mail that Deborah Tillman doesn’t have the right credentials for the job.

According tot he America’s Supernanny official website, Tillman quit her job as an accountant to start a home-based school where she could provide quality daycare and instruction to her son and other children. An immediate hit among other families in the community, Tillman soon expanded her business into a 5,600 square foot space with a staff of six serving 45 children. Shortly after that, her center amassed a six-month waiting list and in 1998, she opened a second site to accommodate more than 100 students and 16 full-time staff. Today, Tillman operates three centers in Virginia.

 Tillman holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Upsala College and a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Special Education from The George Washington University. She also studied at Oxford University. Tillman has presented workshops on child care throughout the country and is the author of the book Stepping Out on Faith, a guide to opening a quality child care center.

Will you be watching the premier of America’s Supernanny tonight?


  1. I will be watching because I can't judge until I see it. I think a lot of the nannies complaining about it tried out for the show and are disgruntled they didn't get it. I do understand we wish that a person working as a nanny actually got the postition but I have to see the show before I can judge it.

  2. Have a huge problem with the show lying and saying JO Frost left the show to get married and start a family. The other problem is that this new woman never worked a day a as a nanny- so why is the media naming the show America's SuperNanny? Parent Coach would have been better.From the clips I have seen I don't like this new woman's attitude.However, I will watch- as I am sure many will ask me what I think- as I am a nanny. Hopefully since I am a nanny- I can educate the public on what a TRUE nanny is!

  3. I will not be watching that show. I am emailing Lifetime because I feel like there were real nannies that applied to be on the show. They chose a cute host who never once worked as a nanny. I like Jo Frost and it doesn't matter why she left te show. I cannot support a show that calls her a nanny but isn't.

  4. I am super frustrated with all the hype over America's Supernanny who is NOT a nanny and never was! So unfair that she gets to promote her business when she never worked in anyone's home, has no childcare experience (except taking care of her own son and starting a "school" for him). She is a business woman who turned her "school" into a franchise, but what does that have to do with being a nanny? I know many highly qualified nannies who tried out for the show, but this person was chosen?! I feel this is unfair competition!

  5. What nannies resent is that they hired a daycare owner rather than a nanny proving once again that the United States does not respect nannies. People in America don't understand what a nanny is, they don't respect us as nannies. They love British nannies and they love American daycare owners.

  6. I don't think we should knock it until we see it. Jo Frost wasn't acting like any nanny I know. I can't speak to parents that way.

  7. Sorry ladies but until you watch it you sound jealous.

  8. When I applied for the show, I wanted to represent what I felt American Nannies are supposed to be and that is supportive of the parents and challenges the face. To guide them toward informed ideas on child rearing like discipline. To not judge or put down but be a cheer leader. I also felt that the problems weren't always the children but extenuating circumstances beyond their control, that was what needed to be addressed. Because if those adult issues didn't get resolved it means you really can't expect the kids to always being jumping through desired behavior hoops. And problems do not always get solved in 35 minutes (minus commercials) why can't there be two and three part episodes. Or, some things really shouldn't be aired and reported to family services. There have been so families that honestly were investigated after a show aired, hello they should have been called in immediately instead of going for ratings. No I'm not watching, I don't need to watch more of the same as the past to have an opinion on it all. She has never been a nanny, that is lie number one. Lie number two is no nanny in her right mind would talk like that to parents, or a Child Care Center owner, they wouldn't have a job.

  9. So far it's exactly like Supernanny. First commercial so we'll see but it's the same show, different host. Only problem is host isn't a nanny, but sounds like she's just filling in for Jo Frost. They have a staff of people writing scripts and helping her so of course it's a duplicate of the original.

  10. I have to agree with Tobago it's good and exactly like Supernanny. Different accent but she is an American after all. It's good.

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