Review of America’s Supernanny

Did You Watch America’s Supernanny? Unlike many nannies on Facebook nanny groups and Yahoo nanny groups who said they would not watch America’s Supernanny because the new host Deborah Tillman is a daycare owner and mother, rather than having experience as working as a nanny, I watched the show. In this first episode of America’s Supernanny […]

America’s Supernanny PremiersTonight

Will You Be Watching America’s Supernanny? America’s Supernanny premiers tonight on Lifetime at 9pm, pm Central. There has been venom on private nanny groups on Facebook and nanny Yahoo Groups about the fact that Deborah Tillman, who has been casted as “America’s Supernanny” has no nanny experience. In fact, original “Supernanny” Jo Frost has publicly shared […]