What Does Being Flexible at Your Nanny Job Really Mean?

How Are You Flexible In Your Nanny Job?

One common reason parents say they choose to hire nannies rather than using other childcare options is because nannies can be more flexible. When you read the help wanted ads and articles of characteristics nannies should have they all recommend someone that is flexible. But, being flexible can mean something different for every job. Before accepting a new nanny position it’s important to understand exactly what the parents need when they are looking for a flexible nanny.

Some parents have non-typical work hours or are on-call requiring a nanny to be available to work untypical work hours as well. Others might have to go to work early some days and come home late others so need to hire a caregiver that can adjust to their every changing work schedule. Many parents who advertise they are looking for a nanny that is flexible are hoping to find a caregiver who is willing to pitch-in and help them with more than just childcare, like taking out the trash, walking the dog, or letting in contractors working in the home. Most parents need someone that can to shift their time and energy from task to task with ease and be prepared to handle any situation that may arise when they are say they looking for a flexible employee.

How are you flexible at your nanny job?


  1. I think many parents who ask for "flexible nannies" are really using a nice term for open-ended schedule needs. I hope parents who might find this blog realize that flexibility is a two-ways street. If your nanny continuously works long hours to accommodate a family's needs, it is expected that a request for some provision to adjust time will work for her benefit too. Necessary appointments for the doctor, dentist or car repair often has to be scheduled during work hours. A family should understand when this request is made to use some personal time to keep her own life running.

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