BPA Dangers on 60 Minutes

Phthalates: Are They Safe?

I am watching 60 Minutes right now and Lesley Stahl is discussing phalates and the dangers of BPA — the chemicals found in soft plastic products that we use everyday. They are so common, that traces of them can be found in everybody.
We discussed BPA found in baby bottles in January and February including that BPA is found in baby bottles that care labeled “BPA-Free.” We posted how nannies and au pairs can reduce BPA exposure, we discussed the FDA warning about BPA exposure, and we reviewed BPA-Free baby bottles.

The experts being interviewed on the 60 Minutes right now say there are more studies needed to prove the dangers. But, in the same interview the experts admit there is data showing possible links to birth defects in baby boys.

Are you concerned about phthalates found in soft plastic products? Have you thrown out all plastics with BPA in them?


  1. Yes my mom boss and I read your posts in January and February and threw out plastics immediately. I see people using plastic still even though Canada bans all plastics after study (you posted) showing BPA-Free products still had BPA in them!!

  2. We threw them all out and are using glass baby bottles and stainless steel water bottles.

  3. Yes I saw this last night and it's truly scary stuff because it's everywhere. The FDA/American government needs to stand up and require manufacturers to take BPA out of food products and dishware and utensils immediately. If Canada can do it, why can't we? Yes the family I work for threw out plastics with recycle number 7 or 9. If it doesn't say BPA-free it's not.

  4. I meant to say above food product containers. Obviously BPA is not added to food. It soaks into food in tuna cans, soup cans and plastics.

  5. For gods sake Australia the most stringent testing in the world leave the experts to do their jobs if you are stupid enough to believe the media go ahead

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