BPA Dangers on 60 Minutes

Phthalates: Are They Safe? I am watching 60 Minutes right now and Lesley Stahl is discussing phalates and the dangers of BPA — the chemicals found in soft plastic products that we use everyday. They are so common, that traces of them can be found in everybody. We discussed BPA found in baby bottles in […]

Just Use Glass: BPA-Free Does Not Mean BPA-Free

Canada Finds the Toxin BPA in “BPA-Free” Baby Bottles An award-winning “BPA-free” baby bottle contained the highest traces of the toxic chemical when Health Canada tested for leaching into water, according to newly released test results. As we’ve all heard umpteen times by now, there is evidence that exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) may cause […]

Review of BPA-Free Thinkbaby Bottles

After the FDA had a press conference warning Americans of the dangers of BPA leaching into milk, water, juice, and foods from plastic containers, we found 12 BPA-free baby bottles for parents, nannies, and au pairs to use safely. We reviewed: the Adiri baby bottles which are BPA-free but the company is now out of […]

Review of the Breastflow BPA-Free Baby Bottle for Nannies and Au Pairs

Breastflow is the only BPA-free baby feeding system that requires both suction and compression, just like breastfeeding. The nipple is designed to mimic the breast so baby can latch on and to encourage the same mouth and tongue position as breast feeding. The double nipple system requires both suction and compression, just like breast feeding […]

Nannies and Au Pairs Review of Playtex® Drop-Ins™ Premium Nurser

Bottle System with Disposable Liners After the FDA announced that Americans should try to avoid BPA found in plastic baby bottles we have been reviewing 12 BPA-free baby bottles. Playtex® Drop-Ins™ system features pre-sterilized, disposable liners that collapse as the baby feeds so no air gets into the milk. This system has been clinically shown […]

Medela Baby Bottles

Products Nannies Love To continue our reviews of BPA-free baby bottles today we ask nannies and au pairs their opinions of Medela Breast Milk Bottles. Medela bottles are BPA-free, in addition to all Medela products that come into contact with breastmilk. Medela Bottles, Nipples, Travel Caps, Breastmilk Storage Bags and More, are Made Without BPA. […]

Have You Used Baby Bottles By Sassy?

As we continue our reviews of BPA-free baby bottles today we hope nannies and au pairs will share their their experiences with MAM baby bottles by Sassy. All new Sassy feeding products are made from BPA-free, baby-safe plastic for durability with fresh style and safety. The bottles have a removable bottom as part of the […]

Review of Green to Grow BPA-Free Bottles

In January 2010 the FDA finally reversed its earlier position and now believes exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) is not safe. BPA is commonly found in baby bottles. So over the past week we have been reviewing 12 BPA-free baby bottles we found. We have already reviewed the Adiri and Avent BPA-free baby bottles, the […]

BPA-Free Evenflo Classic Glass Nurser

Product Review Sunday Ever since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had a press conference warning Americans to avoid plastics with BPA we have been reviewing baby bottles without the harmful chemical. The label to look for on plastic dishware, bottles, and containers is, “BPA-free. ” The plastics to avoid will be labeled with, “3, […]

Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles

Products Nannies Love   This week we have been discussing Bisphenol-A (BPA) a hormone-disrupting chemical that is now considered harmful to human health and the environment. It has been known that scratched and worn polycarbonate feeding bottles will leach this chemical into liquids. This week, we have been reviewing baby bottles that are BPA-free. Dr. […]