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To continue our reviews of BPA-free baby bottles today we ask nannies and au pairs their opinions of Medela Breast Milk Bottles. Medela bottles are BPA-free, in addition to all Medela products that come into contact with breastmilk. Medela Bottles, Nipples, Travel Caps, Breastmilk Storage Bags and More, are Made Without BPA. They are made from polypropylene, a plastic which does not contain BPA. It is easy to identify bottles made from polypropylene. It is a soft, semi-cloudy plastic and typically has the Recycle 5 symbol and/or PP on the bottom of the containers. Mothers love the Medela breast pump. What do you think?


• Wide range of BPA-Free products and all components that come in contact with breast milk BPA- Free.
• Pump directly into the 5 oz. bottle and store Bottles safely retain breast milk’s beneficial properties
• Dishwasher Safe
• Compatible with all Medela breast pumps
• Pricey
• Nipple collar has to be tightened just right or they may leak
• Wears out in time
What do you think of Medela baby feeding products?


  1. Wide nipples are better for breast feeding babies because wide nipples are most like real breast and these aren’t wide nipples. It's disappointing that Medela doesn't make one of the wide types because most women that use this bottle brand are pumping and breastfeeding. Tonya W.Nanny & HousekeeperCleveland OH

  2. When I was at my last job loved these bottles! Never had any problems, always worked well with coordinating breast pump. Also used with formula later on. Great bottles!Full Time Career NannyColleen Myersin Darien Conn.

  3. Though the Medela pump and bottles work wonderfully together I hate the nipples. The mom had to buy other nipples for the baby I care for.

  4. The mother has a Medela pump so it would be great if the storage bottles worked well for feeding. We are using the Avent bottles but old ones not bpa free which is very upsetting to me. But for us, the Medella nipples collapse easily. As collection and storage bottles they are great. They clean well in the dishwasher and the numbers are easy to read.F.B.

  5. These are the only bottles that I've used (Dr. Brown's, Avent) that do not leak. Very easy to clean compared to some other bottles.

  6. I love medela products. It saves so much time especially with a mother that works 10 hours a day and is expressing milk at work and bringing it home for me to feed the baby with. The baby can use the same bottle Mom Boss pumped into, no pouring milk from one bottle to another. I have no complaints with these bottles.Sara Seattle outskirts

  7. For the baby I used these bottles with the nipples were too fast flow even with slow flow nipples. The measuring markings go away after a few cleanings. Shelby, Saratoga, CA

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