BPA-Free Evenflo Classic Glass Nurser

Product Review Sunday

Ever since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had a press conference warning Americans to avoid plastics with BPA we have been reviewing baby bottles without the harmful chemical. The label to look for on plastic dishware, bottles, and containers is, “BPA-free. ” The plastics to avoid will be labeled with, “3, 7, or PS” on the packaging.

The Evenflo Classic Glass Nurser is most popular because it’s not made out of plastic and is BPA-free. The Evenflo Classic Glass Nurser gets praise from caregivers for its relative simplicity and easy cleaning. Evenflo also provides a polypropylene bottle and a tritan bottle without BPA. But in the spirit of avoiding all plastic chemicals we are asking for nannies and au pairs for their reviews of the Evenflo Classic Glass bottle. Be sure to include your review below in “comments.”
Evenflo Classic Glass Nurser
Basic glass baby bottle

• BPA-free
• Easy to clean and sterilize
• Dishwasher safe
• Easy to heat
• Sturdy
• Inexpensive

• Glass bottles are heavier than plastic
• All glass bottles are somewhat vulnerable to breakage
What do you like about the Evenflo Glass Nurser?


  1. I love glass bottles, they clean easily in the dishwasher, no plastic chemicals, stay warm longer, easier to sanitize by boiling. Glass is sturdy and just great. We can store the mother’s breast milk in these directly because or fits the mother’s Medela breast pump.I hope my review helps!Professional Career NannyMarianne L. Richmond, Virginia

  2. I do not love the straight and narrow neck. I prefer angled bottles, but what can I do? The parents make the purchases and I use what they provide me with.

  3. Besides being BPA free, you should beware of latex nipples. Latex nipples have chemicals, so be sure to buy the bottles with silicone nipples. My only complaint would be the skinny neck for these bottles and be sure to LOOK FOR SILICONE NIPPLES LADIES.Nanny SallyNorthWest NJ

  4. Evenflo glass bottles are easy to clean, don't get scratched up, and are sturdy. I have dropped them several times none have broken. Just so easy to clean and use. They fit the Mom Boss Medela breast pump too.Kimberly S. Staten Island NY

  5. The only thing these bottles are good for is milk storage. They screw right into breast pump which is great. But when feeding a baby they leak wasting a lot of milk and making big messes. I think the babies that use these have more gas and more air bubbles. Dr Brown’s reduces bubbles and gas the best.From, Liz Orangeville Ont.

  6. Although these bottles are sturdy and chemical free, the silicone nipple that is included with the bottle is awful and the bottle is non-venting and the bottle leaks due to poor nipple. Nanny Tonya Melrose MA

  7. Liz’s comments are weird. I think evenflo bottles are great. The glass conducts heat very well. I have never had a leak and the nipples don't collapse. Valerie in NY NY

  8. I have traveled with the glass bottles and they have held up well. I have had no breakage at all! They have different flow nipples to choose from silicone or rubber so plenty of things to like by the babies. I like them just fine.Nanny ColleenMemphis

  9. I think these bottles are great. They, travel well, easy to clean, can be put in the dishwasher (which you shouldn’t with plastic due to BPA now) and you don’t have to worry about BPA leaking into the milk.Daniella B.Professional NannyNewborn Specialist5 Yr ExperienceHarrisburg PA

  10. These baby bottles are not good. They leaks during feeding. I tightened the cap very tight and they still leak. Au Pair Lauren, Staying in Bay Area

  11. They are BPA free which is great but they are also a much better value than plastics! I have read other reviews about leaking and air bubbles, but I have NOT experienced a problem with either. No leaking whatsoever, and no air bubbles. In fact, THE baby often takes in MORE air when he is nursing, so he usually has less gas when I use the bottles to feed him. I LOVE that they fit on my Medela pump perfectly.First time parentEncinitas, CA

  12. These bottles work great. The measurements are etched in so they don't wear off like the bornfree glass bottles. They are heavier than plastic but no worries about BPA or other chemicals. Au Pair Lynn in Chicago

  13. These glass bottles are awesome. We really shouldn't heat plastic so these glass bottles are not too heavy. Sinch to clean with no chemicals to worry about!Bayonne, NJ

  14. These are the cheapest and sturdiest I came across. A lactation consultant recommended these nipples to avoid nipple confusion for me. Mom of 2 and have a Wonderful Nanny Beverly Hills

  15. These bottles leak like crazy from the top ring that the nipple goes into. The flow is too fast,. My employers will be buying new bottles. Nanny Valerie Hurley, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

  16. I never had any big problems using these baby bottles. They are simple and not expensive but they are really good bottles. They dont leak and nipple size is perfect for infants and also premies. Joanne R, Detroit

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  18. These are my favorite baby bottles. Highly recommend them!

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