Huggies Launches Line of Diaper Jeans

Kimberley-Clark will be selling Huggies Little Movers Jeans for a limited time in June and July. They aren’t actually denim, but are printed with a jean-like pattern, including faux belt loops and pockets. “Jeans have always been a Mommy fashion must-have, but now it’s time for their little ones to steal the style,” said Stuart […]

Highlights of the 2010 International Nanny Association Conference

This weekend was the 25th International Nanny Association (INA) Annual Conference at the Hyatt at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, California. Keynote speaker was Mary Beth Phillips, Founder of TrustLine, a model program designed to check the background of childcare providers. She has been honored at the White House for her work in preserving health […]

No Child Left Inside and Nature-Deficit Disorder

Book Review Last Child in the Woods It is Spring and soon it will be Memorial Day — the perfect time to take children outside. Working as a nanny or au pair it’s easy to focus on our household duties, like laundry and tidying up, and forget to schedule outdoor fun with children each and […]

Health Reform and Kids

In general, the health care reform bill expands coverage for kids, adolescents, and young adults. No denial for pre-existing conditions. Health care reform prohibits insurers from excluding from coverage children with pre-existing health conditions. This provision takes effect immediately. The law also prohibits insurers from excluding adults with pre-existing conditions, but may not be mandatory […]

Improving America’s Health Care Delivery System

This week we have been discussing health insurance reform. Today we will list how the new legislation may improve health care delivery system for American nannies. Heath insurance reform also improves the way Americans get their health care by: 1. Providing financial incentives for physicians who provide primary care services and investing in programs to […]

Making Coverage More Affordable, Portable, Stable for Nannies

Monday we discussed how health insurance reform benefits working, breastfeeding mothers. Tuesday we listed the immediate benefits of health insurance reform. Today we list ways health insurance reform increases coverage and improves portability and stability of your existing coverage. Some of the ways health insurance reform increases access to coverage and improves the portability and […]

Immediate Benefits of Health Insurance Reform for Nannies

In January 2010 I went to the emergency room and was admitted for two days. The charges are over $18,000 in hospital and medical bills for two days of hospital care. For other nannies like myself, health insurance reform is a sign of hope for our future medical expenses. Without health insurance reform, the number […]

Pesticides Tied to ADHD in Children

Wash Produce Thoroughly If you didn’t think buying organic to avoid pesticides was important you might now. Children exposed to pesticides could have a higher risk of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to a study supported by a grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. The study concludes American’s should always wash produce thoroughly. […]

What Health Care Reform Means for Nursing Mothers

By Erinn Springer The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the recently passed health insurance legislation, has a few provisions that will really benefit nursing mothers in the workplace. When President Barack Obama signed the legislation, employers with more than 50 employees were then required to provide nursing mothers “reasonable break time” to express breast […]

Do Nannies Provide Quality Child Care?

Low-Quality Child Care Can Have Lasting Impact Study finds behavior and academic problems persist through age 15 By Rob Stein of Washington Post Low-quality care in the first few years of life can have a small but long-lasting impact on a child’s learning and behavior, according to new results from the largest, most authoritative assessment […]