The Importance Nannies Play in Helping with Homework

Are You Required to Help the Kids With Their Homework? The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) shows that the defining factor in having academically successful children of parents that work outside the home is the household help that they hire. The NAS studies show that families that hire great childcare providers are in a stronger position […]

What If Nannies Went on Strike for a Day?

You Think Their Job is Not Necessary?You are Treated as You Treat Others. You Get What You Pay For! If you follow this blog or subscribe to our newsletter you certainly have heard about Domestic Workers United, the organization that helped form the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in New York that establishes a basic […]

Do Nannies Provide Quality Child Care?

Low-Quality Child Care Can Have Lasting Impact Study finds behavior and academic problems persist through age 15 By Rob Stein of Washington Post Low-quality care in the first few years of life can have a small but long-lasting impact on a child’s learning and behavior, according to new results from the largest, most authoritative assessment […]