Improving America’s Health Care Delivery System

This week we have been discussing health insurance reform. Today we will list how the new legislation may improve health care delivery system for American nannies.

Heath insurance reform also improves the way Americans get their health care by:

1. Providing financial incentives for physicians who provide primary care services and investing in programs to increase the number of primary care practitioners, especially in under served areas and rural communities.

2. Simplifying paperwork and improving medical records technology so doctors can spend more time treating patients and less time dealing with health care bureaucracy

3. Wider availability

4. More use of standardized, proven treatments

5. Better dissemination of information to health care providers

6. More jobs for more patients which means more paperwork.

7. Providing funding for community health centers to help ensure that families have access to primary care in their communities

Tomorrow: Health Reform and Kids

If you have any health care reform questions feel free to ask them in the comments below or email Stephanie @ (no spaces) and we have a political science graduate on staff to answer your questions.


  1. I emailed a question and how to contact me, thanks! Linda

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