Making Coverage More Affordable, Portable, Stable for Nannies

Monday we discussed how health insurance reform benefits working, breastfeeding mothers. Tuesday we listed the immediate benefits of health insurance reform. Today we list ways health insurance reform increases coverage and improves portability and stability of your existing coverage.

Some of the ways health insurance reform increases access to coverage and improves the portability and stability of existing coverage include:
  • Encourages more use of trained health care workers that are not physicians
  • Tries to discourage use of specialists for accepted and proven protocols
  • Less use of “defensive” tests
  • More preventive care
  • More use of generic drugs
  • Improved purchasing of supplies
  • E-records
  • Expands insurance pool to include healthier sub-groups
  • Insurers must spend at least 80% of premiums on benefits
  • Providing billions in tax relief to help Americans afford health insurance
  • Ending the hidden tax that Americans who already have health insurance are already paying to cover care for those who don’t have coverage
  • Establishing health insurance exchanges that ensure Americans access to coverage, provide additional choices, and competition for Americans who buy their own health insurance, and insure that citizens always have access to a variety of quality, affordable choices in health insurance, even if they change their jobs, lose their jobs, or move
  • Establish a new voluntary long-term care program that will give seniors and people with disabilities greater ability to stay in their homes
Tomorrow: Improving America’s Heath Care Delivery System

Do you think health insurance reform with make health coverage more affordable for you?


  1. Thank you for posting this. I think a lot of people worry about the healthcare workers, but it only makes sense there will be more employeed healthcare workers if there are more patients that can afford treatment.

  2. Absolutely! I def think the new health insurance laws will help low income earners like me and other nannies. Can't be worse.

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