Playwise by Denise Chapman Weston and Mark S. Weston

Weekly Trip to the Library Playwiseby Denise Chapman Weston and Mark S. Weston is the book I refer to most as a nanny. I use this book so much that the cover is worn, much of  text is highlighted, and many of the corners of the pages are folded and torn. The reason I love the book so much is that […]

Fun Activities That Nannies Can Use to Improve Listening Skills in Children

Children learn through play. That’s why I love referencing the book Playwiseby Denise Chapman Weston and Mark S. Weston. The book includes 365 fun-filled activities for building character, conscience, and emotional intelligence in children. Here are just a few of their activities that improve listening skills: Listening Cap: “Put your listening cap on.” Turn this […]

Nannies and Au Pairs Should Play Kiddie College to Teach Kids About School

All kids like to play school. All chidlren learn through play. Since little kids already love playing school, playing school with children is an effective, non-threatening way to prepare them for a new school year or a way to learn about how they feel about their new school. Nannies and au pairs should play Kiddie […]

Weekly Trip to the Library

Playwise: 365 Activities for Building Character, Conscience, and Emotional Intelligence in ChildrenBy Denise Chapman Weston and Mark S. WestonPublished by Penguin Group. August 1996. Children learn by playing. Playwise describes fun activities to play with children to help them develop confidence, caring, and sense of honor they’ll need to make their way in a the […]