Nannies and Au Pairs Should Play Kiddie College to Teach Kids About School

All kids like to play school. All chidlren learn through play. Since little kids already love playing school, playing school with children is an effective, non-threatening way to prepare them for a new school year or a way to learn about how they feel about their new school.

Nannies and au pairs should play Kiddie College with their charges. The caregivers pretends to be the college professor. Present clever, imaginative lessons. College could include greeting the teacher, putting coats in a cubby, coloring, and pretend lessons. Read age appropriate books that discuss going to a new school.

On graduation day issue children with diplomas and throw a party. The graduation gift should be related to the children’s “major” such as a new pencil case for school.

You can send children to Kiddie College to prepare them for any experience. For example, to learn to bathe correctly, go to bed on their own, or to behave properly at a wedding. Keep in mind that a Kiddie College graduate makes an ideal teacher later for a younger sibling who is facing a similar challenge.

Kiddie College idea from the book Playwise by Denise Chapman Weston and Denise Chapman Weston.

Do you have creative ways to learn about a child’s day at school?


  1. Great idea!

  2. Correct, children learn thru play and we must encourage play to teach them as well.

  3. This is so easy and obvious I am ashamed I did not think of it before. Obviously I should be teaching the kids with play. So obvious I never thought of it.Thank you for tremendous advice.Nannie Annie B Greenwich CT

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