How Will Healthcare Reform Affect You?

Many nannies are scared about what might happen if there is healthcare reform. That is why the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter October monthly poll asks nannies about healthcare. We want your input.

We want to know, if you work as a nanny do you have health insurance? Do you get health insurance as a work benefit? We want to know how important health insurance coverage is in your decision to accept, or stay at, a nanny position. Have you been uninsured at any time? Would you consider health insurance coverage in lieu of a raise?

To include your input click the link on our blog in the top right hand corner at or start the survey immediately by clicking here.


  1. This is such a controversial subject and it is brave to cover the topic and I can't wait to see the results.What I don't understand is that most nannies are on the bottom of the pay scale in this society (even poverty for some). I personally only know one nanny that is given some health insurance for a benefit of her job and that is a health savings plan in which the family puts in a portion of her salary into the fund to use only for health related expenses.I have asked my nanny friends and only one has that as a benefit from her job!So, we nannies (all domestics) are probably some of the people that can benenfit from the OPTION to join the government plan if healthcare reform occurs the most. It is merely an option (you won't have to change your private plan if you do not want to and won't have to join the government plan if you don't want to). For the nannies and housekeepers I know can still stay on their husband's health plans and nothing will change. But for us single ladies with kids we need the more affordable option that health care reform would allow us.I always voted Republican until this presidential election because of this health care reform reason. I need it. All change is scary but nothing needs to change for those who like their health care the way it is. But for us domestics this is the most important topic for most of us!

  2. Some people are just emotional and will always keep the stance that they do not want government involvement of any kind. I think they are very emotional and aren't even understanding the reality of how this change will really help nannies and domestics in general. But, people are allowed to debate change, they always will and that is important and great about America. But I agree with the comment above that this reform will help workers like nannies a great deal. (I won't leave my name in fear my nanny friends will be angry with me for writing this).

  3. I think it will be great to see the actual survey results before assuming that most nannies do not get some portion of their health care benefits paid by their employers. It's easy to assume most don't because most aren't college educated or even consider themselves professional nannies. But for the nannies that read this newsletter (the cream of the crop) the stats may be different.R.N. and Nanny Newborn SpecialistSusan Wright in Arizona

  4. Took the survey and can't wait to see results!Donna Levinsohn

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