Nannies and Au Pairs are Homework Helpers

Tutoring and helping children with schoolwork.

Studies by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) show that the defining factor in having academically successful children of parents that work outside the home is the household help that they hire.

The NAS studies show that families that hire great childcare providers are in a stronger position to have children that are successful in school. Children of working parents that do not have the supportof homework helpers are less likely to achieve as well in school.

Therefore, helping children with homework is one of the most important responsibilities for in-home childcare providers. Even caregivers that are learning English as a second language play an essential role inhelping families develop homework routines, schedules, organization, and taking an interest in the children’s learning.
Doing homework helps caregivers identify problems or difficulties students are having learning. Homework is an opportunity for children to review what they have learned and prepare for the next day’s class. Homework helps teach students to use resources, manage their time, meet deadlines, and become more independent.
While helping children with homework nannies and au pairs can help children develop a love of learning, help encourage self-discipline, and ultimately help children to be successful in school.

Doing homework is also an opportunity for children to gain self confidence and good self-esteem.
As Sylvia, a nanny of two who works in Anchorage, Alaska explains, “Homework is meant to be a positive experience encouraging children to learn. Learning should be fun and exciting. Nannies should always use homework as an opportunity to [help children] feel good about themselves and their accomplishments.”
Ways Nannies and Au Pairs Help Children with Homework:
1. Help create a homework schedule
2. Pick a place to do homework
3. Create a trusting environment
4. Monitor TV and video games
5. Don’t do homework for children
6. Help children get organized
7. Encourage good study habits
8. Talk about assignments
9. Watch for frustration

Tomorrow we will discuss creatig a homework schedule with children.

If you are a nanny or au pair do you help the children with their homework?


  1. Thank you for mentioning that even caregivers learning english as their second language can be great helps for children and their school work. Anything I don't know, I can help them find out.The schedule and encouragement I provide is so important. Thank you for letting others know this.Cameron in NYC

  2. We are so under valued in this regard. I spend hours of temper tantrums and frustration from the children while I put all my effort into helping the children do their very best. Helping with schoolwork and homework is the hardest part of my job because the parents need to be more involved. They want me to do it (understandably) but they miss the drama. Hard to be a Tutor and a Nanny at same time!

  3. I could hardly wait until my charge went to school and had homework. At first it was very difficult for her to get into the swing. But after a few weeks we found a routine that worked best for her. Play at school playground, home, snack, bath, homework, dinner.I always enjoyed helping her, especially with the special projects. Of course it was only K-so most of it was fun!But I have helped a 5th grader and and 2nd grader too. The 5th grader had quite a bit of homework, but thankfully between her, myself and her dad, we were always able to figure everything out.~Andrea- Career Nanny-Northern,NJ

  4. I will share this with all au pairs I know. Even when our English isn't perfect teaching children how to develop good habits and showing an interest in their school work is still imporant. Thanks, Helen, Au Pair from France working in Connecticut

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