Are the Nannies Who Make Twice as Much an Hour Also Twice as Good?

The Best Nanny Money Can Buy in the New York Times In this article in the New York Times today the author poses an interesting question. Do nannies making more annually than pediatricians offer better quality care than nannies being paid $15 per hour? What do you think?

Do You Think A VBAC Doll Is Great or Too Much?

Teaching Kids About Birth MamAmor dolls are pregnant, birthing, and breast-feeding mamas. The VBAC Doll collection from MamAmor is a collection made to show various birth situations, from vaginal birth to c-section birth and yes, even a VBAC birth (short for vaginal birth after cesarean). The dolls were created to help teach kids about birth. These […]

Should Au Pairs Working in America Pay FICA Taxes?

Would Taxing Au Pairs Help Unemployed American Nannies Find Jobs? This year it was rumored that Congress was considering legislation that would require au pairs and host families pay a 7.65% FICA tax. I have been unable to track down that bill so if you can find that legislation please share that link in comment […]

Turbo Tax Rates #1 in a Nanny’s Review of the Best Tax Software!

What Tax Software Do You Like? The pressure is off. I finally did my taxes yesterday! It only took me only an hour, despite my long list of itemized deductions, because I used TurboTax. TurboTaxI’ve used a few different brands of tax preparation software in the past few years. I like all of the  tax […]

GTM Launches 401(k) Retirement Plan for Household Workers

Do You Have a Retirement Plan? GTM Payroll Services, a well known and established nanny and household employee payroll company in America, announced yesterday that they have launched the GTM Domestic Workers 401(k) Retirement Plan. GTM Payroll Services explains that this type of retirement plan provides GTM household clients an excellent and cost-effective tool to retain […]

Children’s Books About Saint Patrick’s Day

Weekly Trip to the Library Crafts For St. Patrick’S Day (Holiday Crafts for Kids by Kathy Ross, Illustrated by Sharon Lane HolmTwenty easy craft projects including a shamrock bird, leprechaun face mask, a shillelagh, a rainbow bracelet, and a pot of gold table decoration. Irish Night Before Christmas and A Leprechaun’s St. Patrick’s Day by […]

What are You Doing with the Kids for Saint Patrick’s Day?

Here are some of our suggestions of what you can do with kids for Saint Patrick’s Day. How to Make Corned Beef and Cabbage by Stephen Block You Will Need: “Flat Cut” Brisket, 5 Carrots, 2 bunches Leeks, 5 Parsnips, 1 bunch Celery, 1 head Cabbage, 6 Yukon Gold Potatoes, 1 Point Cut” Brisket, ½ Cup […]

Who Do You Talk to About Your Job?

Do You Think Nannies and Au Pairs Gossip too Much About Their Parent Employers? Professional household employees are rare these days. If you work as a nanny or au pair how often do you hear other in-home childcare workers gossiping and complaining about their jobs at the playground? In contrast, professional nannies, (chefs, housekeepers, and personal […]

What is Your Favorite Age Group to Work With?

What Ages are the Kids in Your Care?  When looking for a new nanny job nearly every nanny agency application and parent interviewing childcare providers ask the caregiver what is their favorite age group of children to work with. Undoubtedly, caring for an infant is vastly different from caring for a 12-year old. Although most […]

Do You Drive for Work?

Do You Use Your Own Car for Work? Some parents don’t allow their nanny to drive their kids. But, the vast majority of nannies who have a current driver’s license, are willing to drive, and have a clean driving record  have an advantage in landing nanny positions over caregivers who cannot drive. Employees who drive can help parents […]