Your Family May Not Offer a 401(k): Here are 7 Ways Nannies Can Save for Retirement

By Warren Burger, Luminary Financial Advisors As a nanny, it’s rare to find a family offering a 401(k) plan so it’s important that you are aware of other options to save for your future. There are several options available to build wealth for your retirement, and just like 401(k)s, many of these vehicles also offer […]

GTM Launches 401(k) Retirement Plan for Household Workers

Do You Have a Retirement Plan? GTM Payroll Services, a well known and established nanny and household employee payroll company in America, announced yesterday that they have launched the GTM Domestic Workers 401(k) Retirement Plan. GTM Payroll Services explains that this type of retirement plan provides GTM household clients an excellent and cost-effective tool to retain […]

Make Money, Not Excuses by Jean Chatsky

Make Money, Not Excuses: Wake Up, Take Charge, and Overcome Your Financial Fears Forever  is written by Jean Chatsky is a popular financial advisor with appearances on the NBC Today Show, each Wednesday at 9am EDT. If you enjoy shopping and hate dealing with finances, then this book is for you. Jean Chatsky will gently guide you […]

Books About Managing Money (For Nannies)

Weekly Trip to the Library This week we discussed starting the new year with a new attitude towards managing your money. We told you to plan a budget and live within your means. The next most important step is to pay-off debt. Then, you should build a savings account or emergency fund. Once your debts […]

Things to Save, Things to Save For

Retirement Investments What did you do with your holiday bonus? What did you do with your last raise? Did they fall into the abyss of stuff you don’t remember you purchased? If you have been following our discussion this week, you are already aware that paying debt and establishing an emergency fund are good uses […]