Follow the Leprechaun Footprints

Creative Saint Patrick’s Day Fun Here’s a fun activity the kids will love to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. All you need to do is cut out foot prints from green construction paper or spray your footprints in the snow with green water. Then hide small treasures of gold coin candy around the house or yard. Sprinkle the footprints as a trail […]

Irish Shepherd’s Pie

Cooking for Kids Shepherd’s Pie has always been a staple of traditional Irish cooking. With Saint Patrick’s Day coming up there is no better time to make this nutritionally sound casserole. Traditionally the pie is made with ground lamb. But we used ground beef and you could substitute the recipe with ground chicken or turkey. Feel […]

Saint Patrick’s Day Sun Catchers

Creative Wednesdays My six-year-old Nanny Kid loves using Dot Markers to decorate coffee filters. They look so beautiful. So we decided to experiment with different shapes to make some decorations for Saint Patrick’s Day. We cut out shamrock shapes from the center of paper plates and circles from the centers of other plates. We snipped […]

Saint Patrick’s Day Pancakes

Cooking for Kids Saint Patrick’s Day is next week. Instead of buying green bagels for breakfast, I like making green pancakes for my Nanny Kids on Saint Patrick’s Day. I love using the colorful Lucky Charms cereal marshmallows to decorate pancakes for the kids. Simply use your favorite pancake mix to make this easy holiday […]

Leprechaun Paper Bag Puppets

Creative Wednesdays Even the most creative nannies need to go online to find resources for projects to do with the kids sometimes. This week I visited to find templates for leprechaun paper bag puppets to make with the kids. Just click this link to print four leprechauns and accesories includeing a harp, shamrock, and pot […]

Delicious Coconut Candy – Irish Potatoes

Cooking With Kids With Saint Patrick’s Day coming up there’s no better time to try making these yummy candies, (not potatoes). They are given the name of Irish Potatoes because they are typically shaped and rolled in ground cinnamon to look like potatoes. We rolled them into little balls. You can make them into egg […]

Easy Irish Soda Bread Recipe

Traditional Saint Patrick’s Day Recipe You don’t have to be Irish to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. I typically make corned beef and cabbage, Mulligan Stew, or Shepherd’s Pie to celebrate the holiday with the kids in my care. Although the children would be satisfied with just eating a green bagel on the holiday, I want to do something a little more […]

Rainbow Toast for St. Patrick’s Day

Wednesdays with Whitney By Whitney Tang Saint Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, which means that those sneaky leprechauns are on their way! Perhaps you can keep them from tearing through the house with a colorful snack which will catch their eye. This rainbow toast is a great distractor for those tiny green disasters, […]

Children’s Books About Saint Patrick’s Day

Weekly Trip to the Library Crafts For St. Patrick’S Day (Holiday Crafts for Kids by Kathy Ross, Illustrated by Sharon Lane HolmTwenty easy craft projects including a shamrock bird, leprechaun face mask, a shillelagh, a rainbow bracelet, and a pot of gold table decoration. Irish Night Before Christmas and A Leprechaun’s St. Patrick’s Day by […]

What are You Doing with the Kids for Saint Patrick’s Day?

Here are some of our suggestions of what you can do with kids for Saint Patrick’s Day. How to Make Corned Beef and Cabbage by Stephen Block You Will Need: “Flat Cut” Brisket, 5 Carrots, 2 bunches Leeks, 5 Parsnips, 1 bunch Celery, 1 head Cabbage, 6 Yukon Gold Potatoes, 1 Point Cut” Brisket, ½ Cup […]