Gas Mileage Up to 58.5 Cents

On January 1, 2022 the standard mileage rates increased to 58.5 cents per mile driven. Click here to learn more.

Did You Notice Your Paycheck Was Less This Week?

2013 IRS Income Tax Withholding Schedule from The Internal Revenue Service issued new 2013 income tax withholding schedules yesterday and they are fully integrated with our online tax calculator now. We are fielding a lot of inquiries about new paycheck amounts and will try to address the common questions here: Q. Why did my […]

Gas Mileage Increases One Cent Per Mile in 2013

Do You Drive Your Car for Work? If you use your own car to transport children or run errands for the parents your employers should provide you with the current Internal Revenue Service (IRS) gas mileage allowance. Beginning January 1, 2013 the IRS  has issued new standard gas mileage rate of 56.5 cents per mile […]

Do You Drive for Work?

Do You Use Your Own Car for Work? Some parents don’t allow their nanny to drive their kids. But, the vast majority of nannies who have a current driver’s license, are willing to drive, and have a clean driving record  have an advantage in landing nanny positions over caregivers who cannot drive. Employees who drive can help parents […]

Do You Drive Your Own Car for Work?

IRS Hikes Gas Mileage Rate by 4.5 CentsNannies That Drive Their Own Cars for Work Should Be Reimbursed 55.5 Cents Per MileStarting today, July 1, the IRS announces that drivers can deduct 55.5 cents per mile for using their car for work. The new mileage rate for deducting medical and moving expenses is 23.5 cents […]

Where Do You Get Your Taxes Done?

You Must Have Your W-2 by January 31stBy law, your employer must give you your W-2 form by January 31, 2011. You need the W-2 to fill out your 2010 taxes. Your employer will save a copy, you need to save a copy, and you will need to include copies with both your state and […]