Do You Drive Your Own Car for Work?

IRS Hikes Gas Mileage Rate by 4.5 Cents
Nannies That Drive Their Own Cars for Work Should Be Reimbursed 55.5 Cents Per Mile

Starting today, July 1, the IRS announces that drivers can deduct 55.5 cents per mile for using their car for work. The new mileage rate for deducting medical and moving expenses is 23.5 cents per mile, up 4.5 cents from 19 cents.

You may also generally deduct the costs of tolls and parking while using your vehicle for work.

Do you drive your own car for work? Are you reimbursed for gas mileage?


  1. I am reimbursed for mileage when I use my car.

  2. Sarah: I am reimbursed for mileage and since I have to have a business policy to drive the kids around, the parents also reimburse me fir the difference in premium for that. Sherri: I have for the previous 2 clients. One never offered and the other offered but never asked me again how many miles, so I just started using the family car…stating my car was to full for the groceries, the children (when allowed) always used the family van due to car seats. Present family, I have use of the family car. Niki: Most of my nannies are paid for their gas usage – either a weekly stipend or by the mile according to the IRS. this is probably because I advise my clients that it's the right thing to do. Sara: I've always used my own car with mileage reimbursement. I'm a CPT so I've installed car seats in my car & we can up and go anywhere whenever! Today is impromptu trip to beach with 18 month old twin charges 😉 Lisa: I am always provided a vehicle, and they maintain it. Sharon: I look after 5 chn (G6, twin B3.5, twin G1) so can honestly say they don't fit in my car, lol….I have 2 work cars at my disposal free to use with the chn depending on who I take out, both cars fitted w appropriate car seats. So when I take the 5 out I have a mini van, however if I don't take babies (just older 3) I have a 4WD…. Kathie: I use my own car with my own carseats. The family pays for my gas. Karen: I have always used my own car and paid for my own gas. The job I just left though did pay me mileage for picking their child up from school, but not for all the other running around and taking them places.

  3. I drive their car since I work as an au pair. We get better perks than many nannies. I get the car for my private use as well. I only fill car with gas when I use it on the weekends if I take it on a road trip.

  4. Very rarely do I drive my own car for work. I did at one job and it became expensive even though they paid gas milage.

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