Do You Think A VBAC Doll Is Great or Too Much?

Teaching Kids About Birth

MamAmor dolls are pregnant, birthing, and breast-feeding mamas. The VBAC Doll collection from MamAmor is a collection made to show various birth situations, from vaginal birth to c-section birth and yes, even a VBAC birth (short for vaginal birth after cesarean). The dolls were created to help teach kids about birth.

These dolls are beautiful. They are made of soft cloth, with an elastic vaginal opening, each doll comes with a baby within, along with a woven umbilical cord, a placenta, diaper, and receiving blanket. There is a snap on the newborn dolly’s mouth and a corresponding one where the Mommy dolly’s nipple would be, so that the infant can breast-feed. Other accessories for this mama and baby doll set, such as a sling or diaper bag may be purchased separately. However, the real question is – do kids really need a VBAC education?


  1. Up to the parents but I haven't worked for any parents that ever wanted to describe birth in detail with their children.

  2. I think this is too much as I see it unless I'm wrong about the market they are targeting. Young boys & girls don't need to know about VBAC. There are MOMS that don't know about VBAC and this is not providing any quality education about the process, etc. I think the picture of a breastfeeding doll to echo a nursing Mommy is beautiful and should be celebrated. But there are still boundaries to be set.

  3. They serve a purpose but are not for everyone. Good idea though.

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