Turbo Tax Rates #1 in a Nanny’s Review of the Best Tax Software!

What Tax Software Do You Like?

The pressure is off. I finally did my taxes yesterday! It only took me only an hour, despite my long list of itemized deductions, because I used TurboTax.

I’ve used a few different brands of tax preparation software in the past few years. I like all of the  tax preparation software I have used that are listed below.  But, my personal favorite is Turbo Tax. I have found it to be the easiest tax preparation software to use. No need to go to a store to purchase the software, just visit their website and get started. It is easy to use and if you can accurately fill-in a few blanks, you can create a correct return using TurboTax. There is no fee for the 1040EZ tax filing (with no dependants and not itemized deductions). There is a fee if you have dependants and need to itemize deductions like medical bills. It’s very affordable but the fees increase after March 23rd so if you haven’t done your taxes yet use their software today!

H&R Block
H&R Block has plenty of retail locations with experts to help you with any problem you may have, but it will cost you for that help. I went to a local H&R Block twice and the accountants and staff are absolutely friendly, professional, they listened to my concerns, answered all my questions, devoting as much time as I needed, which is great! My only complaint was the price. But, they provide plenty filing options and great tax guidance, making them one of the best tax preparation services around. H&R Block at Home is ideal for simple tax returns. eFiling your state return with H&R Block will cost a bit more than other services though.

TaxAct is perhaps the lowest priced personal tax software to use. They offer a wide range of free federal eFiling options. They have less online tax information compared to their competitors that I’ve listed above. But, if you do not require additional assistance TaxACT is one of the best tax software programs I’ve used. It is accurate and reasonably priced.

TaxBrain uses forms-style data entry screens to gather your tax information, which is very different than the interview-style screens found in TurboTax or H&R Block at Home. I don’t like the TaxBrain data entry style as much as the style used by Turbo Tax and H&R Block at Home but that is just my personal opinion. Many people prefer the TaxBrain style of data entry. TaxBrain works best for wage-earners with few deductions or other tax issues. The prices are very reasonable but they do not file 1040EZs for free. I feel that their competitors listed above offer more extensive support for with complex returns.

But, these are simply my reviews. Please share your opinions of best software to use to do your taxes too!


  1. Thanks I never know who to use and always have trouble with taxes.

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