What is Your Favorite Age Group to Work With?

What Ages are the Kids in Your Care? 

When looking for a new nanny job nearly every nanny agency application and parent interviewing childcare providers ask the caregiver what is their favorite age group of children to work with. Undoubtedly, caring for an infant is vastly different from caring for a 12-year old.

Although most nannies are hired to work for infants until the child attends school full-time there are plenty of full-time nanny jobs for older children as well.

When working with infants nannies help with sleep training, swaddling, hygiene, proper formula feeding and introducing solid foods, and teething. Many nannies who care for infants also help care for new mothers who may be recovering from a cesarean delivery, need help with breastfeeding, or suffering from postpartum depression.

As children become toddlers nannies must focus on childproofing the environment and safety, potty training, separation anxiety, creative play and learning, and much more.

Once kids head to preschool many of the same issues nannies have with toddlers still exist but the focus for nannies becomes teaching letters and properly socializing with other kids. Preschoolers are known to have temper tantrums, discipline issues, and being picky eaters.

When kids are in elementary school they are becoming more independent. But, in addition to having many of the same issues as preschoolers, nannies must also help their charges with homework and tutoring. At this age kids are tackling physical, social, and emotional milestones which is thrilling to see. But behavioral problems like tattling, teasing, and talking back are also common with elementary school aged kids.

Discipline and behavioral issues all increase as children get older. As kids develop into young teens peer pressure can be a real problem when kids make friends with bad influences. As kids develop into puberty they are physically changing and are known to become more argumentative. When working with teenagers, difficult subjects such as cigarettes, sex, drugs, and alcohol become issues nannies must help parents and teens deal with.

Which is your favorite age group to work with?

  • Infants (newborn to 1 year of age)
  • Toddlers (1 – 3 years of age)
  • Preschoolers (3 – 5 years of age)
  • Middle Childhood (6 – 10 years of age)
  • Young Teens (11 – 14 years of age)
  • Teenagers (15 – 17 years of age)


  1. Toddlers! Hands down. They are wild, creative, passionate, hilarious, energetic, opinionated, sweet, and compassionate. What's not to love? 🙂

  2. Birth to 5- after that- they just don't need you in the same way- I enjoy to be needed.

  3. Sharon this is actually really hard to answer, as I believe each age group is great and has their own little benefits….Newborns are gorgeous for cuddling and gazing at, toddlers are amazing to watch as they discover the wide world around them and ALL their new skills, preschoolers are still learning so much about the world around them it's just so amazing to watch and be a part of this, middle childhood are awesome to work with because they have so much knowledge you can share so much with them……..I currently work with, according to this link, toddlers, preschoolers and middle childhood children. I am interested to read what other people say about this…. Monja New born to 5 years!!! Sarah As long as I have a good mix of ages its all fun. I do love working with newborns – pre-schoolers. They are so open and keen and love learning about stuff. Once they're at school,it becomes more difficult to find the time to connect. Sarah I will probably get some slack for this, but I hate the first year. Eat, sleep, and poop…..boring! After that I'm good. Kellye I love newborns and school-age! Tracy Newborns to a year! Baby stage is my favourite! Sarah, I will take them to a year, then you can have them!

  4. Jessica Preschool! 🙂 Gabrielle newborn to three! Karen newborn to 18 month! Melanie Two to five year olds.Nanny tales and tips infants-1 year then 5-8years… infants because they dont talk back to you, 5-8 year olds because its much easier to care for and are pretty independent…lol Denise Newborns to toddler Angela I am with you on that Sarah. I hate the baby stage. My fav. Is 3 & 4 year olds. Cynthia Newborns Kristin I have worked with all ages! I think my favorite ages are infant, and middle childhood though. Babies are great to cuddle and love on.. then middle childhood you can still cuddle with, but they are so smart! My oldest charge always has such unique things to tell me! Deborah I enjoy all age groups! Angi Babies….less work, more me time. Lol reading some of the responses Im shocked. Sure, older is more independant than infants but require more mental attention. Education, conversations, dialog, managing disputes,etc. Im a homeschooling nanny. Infants I get to relax. I have no downtime with 3+ Brenda I love all ages. as angi said babies take more work, toddlers are a blast, peschoolers ae fun, school ages is fun but ticky as they start having a mind of their own and they dont 'need' you anymore 😦 Kathie Newborn to 3…I love the challenge of sleep training and potty training. Love to watch them grow, learn to walk and talk. And especially to cuddling. Sharon Angi, I'm sorry but reading your response I'm shocked! You say you like babies bcoz you get more 'me' time, I would imagine you are in the wrong profession if you want 'me' time…. Amanda My favorite is newborn-three. I LOVE how rewarding these years are. I also am kind of surprised at some responses like (above)SharonI think if you like a certain age better because you get more "me time" you may want to reconsider being a nanny. Being a nanny is all about your charges 🙂 We are paid for our long days, and it shouldn't be about our "down time".. just my opinion!

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