Handprint Cupcake Card

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All kids like making, giving, and receiving Birthday Cards. For those that cannot write yet making a card from their handprint makes a great gift. It is a easy, thoughtful, and personal gift from your charge.

What You Need:

Heavyweight or Cardstock Paper
Paper Plate
Paint Brush

Glue Stick
Ribbon (optional)
Cupcake Liner (optional)

What to Do:

1. Protect the workspace with newspaper or work mat. Have paper towels ready for clean up and work where there is a sink nearby to wash hands.

2. Fold heavyweight paper into a card.

3. Squeeze just enough paint onto a paper plate to cover the child’s palm. Help place the child’s palm flat on the paper plate to cover with paint. You don’t want too much paint. Use a paintbrush to put a little more paint on the palm if there are spots of the palm without paint.

4. Help the child press their hand flat onto the paper with the fingers facing up to make candles. Press the hand and then lift the hand from the paper.

5. Allow to dry. Then embellish with paper or a cupcake liner to finish making the cupcake and decorate.


By Heather Marinkovic Mother and Nanny


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