Starting a New Nanny Job

What You Need to Know When Starting a New Nanny Job

Before starting a new nanny position caregivers and parents should sign a work agreement, fill out necessary tax paperwork such as Form W-4, and fill out and submit any applications for benefits being offered to the new employee.

Most nanny placement agencies should be able to provide employees and employers with essential paperwork such as a sample work agreement, daily logs, permission for treatment forms, and emergency phone number forms. You can find our list of essential paperwork by clicking here or feel free to contact us on Facebook for our newsletter archive with most of the needed essential paperwork.

Keep an emergency phone number listing near the phones in the home and in your purse or pocket at all times. Nannies should carry health insurance numbers for the children and permission to treat forms with her at all times.

Parents should show new employees where they keep their fire extinguishers, where the main water can be turned off, how to use the fuse box, and alarm systems. The first week on the job is also a great time to do a fire drill with the family. Parents should also show new nannies how to adjust the heat and air conditioning in the home.

Nannies should be informed about any and all allergies and treatment protocol needed for each child they will provide care.

Caregivers should also ask the parents for each child’s favorite songs, foods, security blanket or doll, games, and activities to help them bond with the children the first few days and weeks on the job.

A parent should stay home a day or two on the nanny’s first days to introduce the new nanny to neighbors, friends, and other nannies. The parent should show their new nanny the local parks,  grocery stores, schools, and the pediatrician’s office to make her feel comfortable with the new environment. The parent and nanny can run errands together and the new nanny should also have an opportunity to go it alone.

Parents should be accommodating and patient and invite their new nanny to ask any questions they may have when starting a new job.

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