How to Answer “What is Your Greatest Weakness?”

The Most Difficult Interview Question

When interviewing for nanny jobs you should be prepared to be asked what is your greatest weakness. When answering this question you should be honest while taking the opportunity to mention skills you have improved upon, how you have turned a bad characteristic into a positive one, or about a minor weakness that won’t affect the job.

If you have an apparent weakness, discuss how you’ve addressed it and why it won’t be an issue in the job. For example, if English is your second language and you have a strong accent, you might want to mention your accent as a weakness but that you have taken English lessons and it no longer prevents you from communicating clearly. In fact, you will show the interviewer that you communicate just fine during the interview.

To show how you have improved a weakness you can say how you used to have to finish one task at a time and give an example of that. Then,  explain how now you are able to multi task now when working in a busy home with kids.

To acknowledge a weakness that doesn’t really matter for the job shows you are aware that you have weaknesses but it won’t affect the job. For example, I usually say I am overweight but I still  love going swimming, playing sports, and being active with the kids on the job.

How have you answered the question what is your greatest weakness in a nanny interview?


  1. On our Nanny Registration form we ask candidates for ‘strengths’, ‘weaknesses” and we request they list their hobbies. Erin, a long-time favorite of ours, listed CHOCOLATE as a weakness. To her credit, she also listed chocolate as a ‘strength’ and as a ‘hobby’.

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