Hand Print Crab and Foot Print Lobster

dddCreative Project Wednesday

Teach the kids about the crustaceans lobsters and crabs. Tell them that crustaceans are arthropods which means their skeletons are on the outside of their bodies. They have jointed parts to move and many have legs to move. Crustaceans have two pairs of antennae. Crabs can swim but lobsters  can just walk along the bottom of the ocean. Borrow the children’s book suggestions below to learn about the popular sea animals. Then make the hand print crab and foot print lobster project shown on this page.

Foot Print Lobster

Paint the child’s foot with red washable paint and have them step on a piece of heavy weight paper. After the paint dries use a marker to draw arms and antannea on the lobster. Paste googly eyes near the toes to look like the head of the lobster.

Hand Print Crabccc

Use a paint brush to put red paint on the child’s hands. Have the child put her hands on a piece of heavy weight paper with the thumbs close to one another. Once the paint is dry, paste the googly eyes between the two thumbs to look like a crab.

Borrow these book from the library or purchase these books by clicking the links below:

A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle





 Little Crab: Finger Puppet Book

Leroy the Lobster and Crabby Crab by Edward Harriman




Lobsters on the Loose by Jennifer Gin

 The Blue Lobster by Robin Taylor-Chiarello



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