Children’s Books for Palm Sunday

Weekly Trip to the Library
By Maria Lopez, Nanny, Miami Florida

Tomorrow Christians celebrate Palm Sunday. On Palm Sunday Jesus entered Jerusalem. On Maundy Thursday was the Last Supper and betrayal. On Good Friday was the arrest, trial, crucifixion, death, and burial of Jesus. Then on Easter Sunday Jesus rose from the grave. You don’t have to be Christian to learn about the religious traditions of your charges. There are very few children’s books on the topic of Palm Sunday. Here are two I like to share with children for Palm Sunday.

Little Colt’s Palm Sunday
By Michelle Medlock Adams

In this unique story of Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem on the Sunday before Easter, the proud little donkey colt tells the story of how he was specially chosen to carry the Son of God into the city.

The Week That Led to Easter
By Joanne Larrison

This book is a wonderful, concise, and simple way to explain the events leading up to Easter to children. It covers all the major events in a clear way that children can understand. The illustrations are nice, too. Although the subject matter deals with extreme suffering and death, nothing in this book is scary.

Stop by next Saturday for more book reviews for nannies and au pairs.

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