Games and Toys for Passover

Products Nannies Love What I love most about Passover is that it is a wonderful Seder that uses symbolism and a story to teach children about their religious history. Children also learn through play. Here are our favorite games and toys to help teach children about Passover. Here are some children books about Passover to […]

Matzoh Ball Soup

Celebrating Passover with Children As a child my favorite Jewish holiday was Passover. On the first or second night of Passover families gather for a Seder, a ritual meal where we retell the story of Passover through stories, songs, and prayers. To start off the meal, many families enjoy matzoh ball soup, which is traditionally […]

Children Are Very Important in the Passover Seder

The Table is Set for a Passover Seder When I was a child I was lucky to enjoy both a Passover Seder with family as well as Easter. Passover Seder was my favorite Jewish holiday as a child. Children have a very important role in the Passover Seder. Traditionally the youngest child is prompted to […]

Passover Children’s Books

Tonight is the celebration of Passover. Passover is a major Jewish festival that celebrates the freedom attained by the Hebrew people following their exodus from Egypt where they had been slaves for either 430 years or 210 years, depending on the scholarly conclusions one follows. During the seder tonight children learn the importance of telling […]

Passover Children’s Books For Nannies and Au Pairs

Weekly Trip to the Library A Touch of Passover A Touch and Feel Book By Ari SollishJoin the wide-eyed illustrated kids of A Touch of Passover as they pat and prod their way through the symbols of the Passover Seder. Curious fingers will be unable to resist the bumpy matzah, leafy bitter maror, sticky wine […]