Games and Toys for Passover

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What I love most about Passover is that it is a wonderful Seder that uses symbolism and a story to teach children about their religious history. Children also learn through play. Here are our favorite games and toys to help teach children about Passover.

Here are some children books about Passover to help the children prepare for the holiday as well.

Let us know if you like another game or toy for Pass
over that we may have missed by clicking comments below!

Passover Seder Bingo – 1 game per order



Passover Finger Puppets – The Four Questions – Set Of 4




9″ Round Wood Passover Seder Plate Puzzle By Rite Lite Judaica Express


img_5600-1Rite Lite Passover Dominoes



img_5601Rite Lite Who Am I? A Passover Headbands Guessing Game



img_5596TorahLine Card Game, Exodus from Egypt

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