Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

img_5591Creative Wednesdays

I thought I had tried making all kinds of eggs working as a nanny for the past 25-years until I heard about melting crayons on hot boiled eggs.

First, I let the kids sprinkle crayons shavings onto eggs. Then they used crayons to draw on hot eggs. Drawing on hot eggs works much better than on cold eggs. Just rest the hot eggs in an egg container so the kids don’t burn their hands. Using crayon shavings is a very messy process so be sure to cover the work space very carefully.

What You Will Need: img_5581

White Eggs and Container
Pot and Boiling Water
Old Crayons
Old Scissors
Paper Plates

What to Do:img_5558

1. Cover the workspace well.

2. Remove paper from crayons. Using an old pair of scissors, over paper plates, cut the crayons into little pieces or shavings. I put each different color of crayon shavings on separate plates.

3. Boil the eggs.

Give each child a paper plate. Allow them to put some crayon shavings on the center of plate. Carefully place a hot egg on the shavings. Then let the kids sprinkle crayon shavings on the eggs. Let the crayons sit and let the crayons slowly melt on the eggs.

Take another plate and have kids put crayons shavings in center of plate. This time let them spin the warm egg on the crayon shavings to create a design.

Put hot egg sideways in egg container to hold the egg still so kids won’t burn their hands. Allow them to use crayons to draw on the egg.

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