Review of Pouch Baby Slings

Baby Slings are typically one shouldered carriers. These types of baby slings are great for newborns as well as toddlers. Little babies are most easily carried in a cradle (laying down) position, older children on the hip. This type of baby sling can be used on the back with older children for short periods.The downside of these carriers is that the weight distribution is somewhat uneven since they go over only one shoulder.

Pouches are the easiest type of sling to use. Pouches are our favorite baby sling for getting a baby quickly in and out. They must be sized to the individual, some people find them uncomfortable for long wearing since they go over only one shoulder. Newborns must be held in a reclining position.

Hotsling Baby Pouch
Good-bye sizes! The one size fits all Hostlings Baby Pouch is infinitely adjustable. Two strategically placed buckles, hidden by hoods, allow the adjustable pouch to fit comfortably on you and the parents. The pouch can be worn on either shoulder. When worn on the right shoulder the buckles will be in front, and when worn on the left shoulder the buckles will be in back. The shoulder design is wide yet sleek, without excess fabric. Padding is included on both sides of the pouch providing more comfort and support for baby in all carrying positions.

Mammas Milk Adjustable Pouch Sling
The Mamma’s Milk Invisibly Adjustable Baby Carriers have no exposed rings, buckles, zippers, snaps, or buttons and are made from beautiful, washable silk fabrics. Sleek design slips on and off easily with their unique “Rip & Go” feature for quick up and downs with toddlers. Conveniently adjusts to fit different sized parents and caregivers. It has leg padding for toddlers. The design allows you to hold an infant in the natural fetal position or toddlers in the upright position.

Peanut Shell Reversible Pouch Slings Baby Sling
There are no buckles, metal rings, or adjustments to be made and the sling can be worn five different ways to carry a baby or a toddler up to 36-pounds. The Peanut Shell® is compact so you can easily toss it into a diaper bag when you’re on the go and it can also be used as a stroller cover or a baby blanket. The sling features sleek leg padding to increase the baby’s comfort without added bulk or warmth, a perfectly placed hook for attaching toys and a small pocket for carrying essentials such as keys, a cell phone, or a pacifier

Lite-on-Shoulder Pouch/Rings Hybrid Sling
The curved pouch shape design of the Lite-on-Shoulder makes a deep pocket that allows for a more comfortable fit for baby and a better grip on baby’s legs. The lightly padded shoulder portion distributes weight through torso and avoids straining the neck. Lightly padded railings provide right amount of cushioning for baby s tender thighs with no sharp edge cutting into flesh. Lite-on-Shoulder sling carrier has no overheating problem for baby and mother which is perfect for hot weather. Lite-on-Shoulder lightly padded Pouch Ring Hybrid open tail sling incorporates the curved pouch shape and opened tail fabric .Buckle rings are made of cast zinc alloy without wielding point . One size fits all up to women s dress size 22.The length of the sling is around 7ft. The baby sling can be used constantly with infant toddler to snuggle nurse or rock to sleep occasionally with toddler over 35-pounds in the hip carry position or even convert to a mini walker and toddler tether.


Stop by tomorrow for reviews of Adjustable Ring Slings


  1. We have the hostlings baby pouch and I think it can be helpful but not easily adjustable for different wearers and the parents and I are all different sizes. I just wish they had three different ones since three of us share one. The fabric is great though.

  2. I like the Mammas Milk sling. Every time I put the baby in it she falls right asleep. We went to the mall and carried baby around in this sling for hours and had no pain or discomfort at all and still had two free hands.

  3. My boss has the peanut shell one. Only thing is when I lay the baby in it she doesn't like it because she likes being held up higher than the peanut shell will sit her. She cries when I put her in it. The parents love it though.

  4. I've had five full time nanny jobs over 15 years and never used a baby sling or carrier yet.

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