Babywearing by Maria Blois

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au Pairs

This week we asked nannies if the would be willing to carry babies for the majority of their work day if the parents requested it. Then we discussed the dangers of using baby slings with infants under four-months old?

To continue the discussion we highly recommend referencing the book Babywearing by Maria Blois.

The Babywearing book by Maria Blois talks about the benefits of baby wearing, from better sleep to reduced crying spells to enhanced learning and development.

Maria Blois is a mother and a physician who wrote this book that reviews over 30 different baby carriers and gives detailed instructions on how to use various carriers.

The author explains one of the best benefits of baby wearing is that carried time is considered better than tummy time, a fact that should resound well with parents who wear their children more often than not.

Babywearing also interviews baby wearers around the country.

There is a section of the book supplemented with charts to help which baby wearing product is most ideal for your needs.

You’ll learn about baby slings, baby front carriers, backpack carriers, torso carriers, and more There are thorough instructions on how to put a baby in them with step-by-step instructions and reviews of all carriers are unbiased.

The end of the book has useful appendices for later reference.

As Dr. Sears, who wrote the foreword for this book, says: “If babies could talk, they would ask you to please read this book and wear them as often as possible.”

Stop by tomorrow for a review of a popular baby carrier.

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