Teaching Phonics to Children

By ChildrenLearningReading.com Phonics is a necessary part of any good method of teaching children to read. Teaching children phonics and helping them develop phonemic awareness is the key to mastering words, which is the first key step toward successful reading. Children need to develop a knowledge of the letters, the sounds represented by the letters, […]

Why Nannies Should Read to Kids Each Day

Nanny Confessions: We Must Teach Kids to Love Books I confess, it is sometimes hard for me to make time to read to kids everyday. But, no matter how busy the day gets, it’s vital to read aloud to children to help them learn to love reading. You don’t have to like reading yourself. You […]

Weekly Trip to the Library

The Practical Guide For Reading Aloud to Children During Their First Five Years From http://www.readaloudguide.com/ Susan Marx and Barbara Kasok, authors of Help Me Get Ready To Read: The Practical Guide For Reading Aloud To Children During Their First Five Yearsexplain that when you read aloud to children you are fostering their self-esteem by creating […]

Hooked On Phonics Discover Reading Baby Edition

Product Review Sunday We all know that babies have an amazing capacity to learn language. But, there is still debate whether they can learn to read. While it may be possible for babies to learn symbols (like letters) many experts say it’s impossible for them to comprehend written sentences required for reading. Over the past […]

How Separated Military Parents and Their Children are United Through Reading

United Through Reading Each year as the holidays approach I try to find a worthy organization to donate to. This month we have been discussing the importance of reading aloud to children and how to read aloud to babies. So, I think I have found the perfect charitable organization that promotes and understands the importance of reading aloud […]

Do You Let Children Under 2 Watch TV?

More Guidelines that Screen Time is Not Educational for Babies As we recently mentioned once again, it is recommended that children under two-years old limit their time spent in front of televisions, computers, self-described educational games, and even grown-up shows playing in the background. In fact, in 2009 Baby Einstein products were required to give […]

Can You Teach Infants to Read?

Review of BrillKids Little Reader Review by Maria Lopez, Nanny, Miami, FL I remember when Be The Best Nanny Newsletter posted an article about research that Educational DVDs like Baby Einstein DVDs are not educational for babies, and that children under age two should not have any screen time at all. I remember parents who […]

Fun for Nannies and Au Pairs: Teaching with Clifford’s Big Idea

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au Pairs When children are given opportunities to try new things, they gain confidence and belief in themselves. Learning about one’s own potential early in life can help motivate and inspire young children to become the best they can be! Read Clifford’s Family (Clifford’s Big Ideas)and Clifford […]

How to Pick Out Books Kids Like

What Children Like in Books Be the Best Nanny Newsletter has been encouraging nannies and au pairs to read daily to their charges. Here is a simple guide from Reach Out and Read on what kinds of books are most suitable for children of different age groups. INFANTS (6-12 MONTHS) LIKE Board books with photos […]

More Fun Summer Reading Learning for Nannies and Au Pairs

Make an Alphabet Book You will need photos of the child and their family and friends, a photo album or scrap book, and some paper and markers. In the scrapbook or photo album assign each page as a letter in the alphabet, and make sure the pages are in alphabetical order. Then, have the child […]